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.August 27, 2003
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Auction Plans Announced For Chevy SSR 'Signature Series' Vehicles

Kruse International and GM-sponsored Auctions Selected

Photo: GM

Detroit - Chevrolet has announced plans for auctioning 23 uniquely used Chevy Signature Series SSRs (Super Sport Roadsters) which have been driven in its unique launch program for this all-new vehicle.

Kruse International has been selected by Chevrolet to offer 18 of the special "pedigreed" SSRs through eight of its collector car public auctions beginning on August 30, 2003. In addition, Chevrolet will auction one Signature Series SSR through a GM-sponsored dealer auction in each of the division's five U.S. sales regions. Following completion of the program, Chevrolet will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these 23 vehicles to a yet-to-be-designated charitable organization.


The Chevy SSR Signature Series is comprised of the first 25 saleable vehicles produced. Since Spring, each has been developing a one-of-a-kind pedigree that helps chronicle its use up until the time it goes to auction.

The SSR Signature Series vehicles carry vehicle identification numbers (VINs) ending with numerals 000001 through 000025. Auto collectors and enthusiasts often consider vehicles with low numbers to be the most desirable. VIN #1 will be retained by General Motors as part of its historic collection. VIN #2 was donated by GM to the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Foundation who used the vehicle as a fundraiser for its Heinz C. Prechter Scholarship for Automotive Excellence. When that auction closed on May 5, 2003, the winning bid was $137,850.

Auction Timeline

Here is the auction calendar of events where the Signature Series SSRs will be offered:

August 30, 2003: Auburn, Indiana - Kruse / 33rd Annual Auburn Fall Collector Car Auction & Show

  • VIN # 3 - Chevy Racing SSR

  • VIN # 4 - Indy 500 Pace Vehicle

September 20, 2003: Fontana, California - Kruse / Collector Car Auction

  • VIN # 11 - Doobie Brothers Music Tour SSR

  • VIN # 13 - Los Lobos Music Tour SSR

September 27, 2003: Indianapolis, Indiana - Kruse / Indy Concour & Auction

  • VIN # 8 - Street Art SSR - North Central Region

  • VIN # 15 - Taj Mahal Music Tour SSR

October 11, 2003: Hershey, Pennsylvania - Kruse / Collector Car Auction

  • VIN # 6 - Street Art SSR - North East Region

  • VIN # 19 - Media Review SSR

October 18, 2003: Santa Clara, California - Kruse / Annual Pacific Classic Collector Car Auction & Show

  • VIN # 12 - Gibson Guitar SSR

  • VIN # 20 - Media Review SSR

October 20, 2003: Orlando, Florida - Manheim's Florida Auto Auction of Orlando

  • VIN # 21 - Media Review SSR

October 23, 2003: Boston, Massachusetts - Adesa Boston

  • VIN # 25 - Media Review SSR

October 30, 2003: Chicago, Illinois - Manheim's Arena Auto Auction

  • VIN # 22 - Media Review SSR

November 4, 2003: Dallas, Texas - Manheim's Dallas Auto Auction

  • VIN # 23 - Media Review SSR

November 19, 2003: Fontana, California - Manheim's Southern California Auto Auction

  • VIN # 24 - Media Review SSR

November 22, 2003: Dallas, Texas - Kruse / 31st Annual Dallas Collector Car Show & Auction

  • VIN # 7 - Street Art SSR - South Central Region

  • VIN # 17 - Chevrolet Rock & Roll Tour SSR

January 3, 2004: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - Kruse / 30th Annual Collector Car Auction

  • VIN # 9 - Street Art SSR - South East Region

  • VIN #14 - Race Track SSR

January 31, 2004: Scottsdale, Arizona - Kruse / 33rd Annual Collector Car Auction & Show

  • VIN # 5 - Stars Car SSR

  • VIN # 10 - Street Art SSR - Western Region

  • VIN # 16 - Team Chevy SSR

  • VIN #18 - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino SSR

Unique Pedigrees

Each Signature Series SSR has been involved in various high-profile activities around the country including music tours, the Indianapolis 500 and major street art exhibitions, among others. During their use, representatives of Chevrolet have been collecting memorabilia, photographs, autographs, news coverage and other keepsakes that document use of the vehicle. The collectibles pertaining to each Signature Series SSR will be placed in a special scrapbook and custom-designed metal "pedigree" box that will be provided with the vehicle when it is ultimately purchased.

"The SSR is a very unique vehicle and development of this Signature Series program is a creative way for us to introduce this exciting new Chevy product to as many people as possible," said Janet Eckhoff, marketing director for Chevy's mid-size trucks. "Each of these vehicles will have a history - a pedigree - that could never be duplicated. We're excited with the association we have made with Kruse International and the GM-sponsored auction houses to offer an opportunity to purchase these special vehicles."

Unique Content

All 25 of the Chevy SSR Signature Series vehicles are identical in appearance and content. In addition, they will feature content that will not be available on any other '03 model year SSR:

Ultra Violet paint.

A Signature Series badge on the "waterfall" interior panel between the bucket seat uppers. Each chromed badge will be numbered and "signed" by at least two GM or supplier team members directly associated with the SSR program

Silver stitching on the black leather-wrapped steering wheel and seats

Addition of the SSR logo on the vehicle's VIN plate

Signature Series badge on the tailgate

Body-color engine cover with silver insert and billet aluminum strips

Floor mats which include the SSR logo

Cargo compartment trim with wood strips, lights and drop-down storage.

What's a Chevy SSR? It's Part Roadster, Part Pickup

There is nothing else like the SSR in the market today. It's part roadster, part pickup and is a completely innovative expression of Chevy's proud heritage. A highlight of SSR's design is a unique power-operated retractable hardtop that stores vertically and out-of-sight between the passenger and rear stowage compartments.

The frame and chassis of the SSR are similar in design to Chevy's mid-size TrailBlazer family of sport utilities. All major exterior panels are of one-piece stamped steel. Under the hood is a new 300-horsepower, aluminum-block version of the Vortec 5300 (5.3-liter) small-block V-8 that drives the rear wheels through a four-speed automatic transmission. Rounding out SSR's sporty street machine appearance are 19-inch front and 20-inch rear tires and wheels.

The 2003 Chevy SSR has a base manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $41,995 when regular retail production and shipment in limited quantities to Chevrolet dealers begins in summer 2003. Destination charge of $625 is included in the MSRP; tax title and license are not included.

The Chevy SSR is built at General Motors' Lansing (Mich.) Craft Centre. Current plans are to build approximately 14,000-15,000 units annually.

(August 25, 2003)

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