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.May 19, 2004
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BMW Advertising Award Presented For The First Time

International advertising agencies rewarded for extraordinarily successful BMW advertising

Munich - BMW has presented the BMW Advertising Award for the first time as a reward to international advertising agencies for extraordinarily successful BMW advertising.

There are three categories for entry to the BMW Advertising Award:

"Creative BMW Advertising Award" - for the most creative idea, "Rewarding BMW Advertising Award" - for the most successful, effective campaign and "Pure BMW Advertising Award" - for the best brand-forming effect.


The aim of the award is to stimulate agencies to produce even better advertising for BMW: advertising which is more creative, which conveys the brand messages more clearly, which gives facets of the brand a completely new interpretation and which ultimately also sells better.

The winners of the BMW Advertising Award 2004 were selected from over 75 entries in two rounds of voting. In the first round in February, a jury made up of eight BMW experts viewed the campaigns that had been submitted and drew up a preliminary list of 30 finalists. These were then assessed in April by a further jury of eight external marketing experts and three members of BMW AG. In a one-day event, all 30 campaigns were viewed, discussed and compared, and the winners in the three categories were finally selected:

  • Creative: JvM Germany, TBWA South Africa, DLV Italy

  • Rewarding: Fallon USA, S,C,P,F Spain, TBWA South Africa

  • Pure: JvM Germany

The BMW Advertising Award will be presented again in 2005. Further information is also available at the BMW web site at www.bmw.com.

(May 14, 2004)

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