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July 18, 2007

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As the first European Car Manufacturer Renault starts designing vehicles in its Indian Design Center in Mumbai

  • Renault Design India is the first local design operation of a Western auto manufacturer in India.

  • The satellite centre, which has been working as an observational unit since 2005, will now design vehicles for the Indian market and other regional markets.

  • Its role will go from initial Project design through to the finalized mock-up of a vehicle.

Renault Design India currently has 6 employees in post, 5 of whom are India nationals, and is looking to hire more high potential automobile designers. In partnership with Autocar magazine, Renault Design India is launching a competition called “IndDesign” whose aim is to turn the spotlight on Indian design.

Renault's Design Facility in Korea

The satellite centre in Mumbai, which has been operational for almost 2 years, played a pivotal role in several highly successful projects in 2006

This is including the Logan Steppe concept car presented at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show and the MMI (Man Machine Interface) concept car presented at the 2006 Paris Motor show.

Renault Design India also carried out R&D work focusing on top-end fabrics in order to tap into India’s amazingly rich textile-oriented heritage.

In 2007, Renault decided to extend the operations of this centre from being an observational unit to an out-and-out Design Centre to complement its international network of satellite design centres, such as those in Barcelona, Paris, Bucharest and Kihueng (Korea). The objectives of Renault Design India are to:

  • Assist with current and future range development in India.

  • Develop a Perceived Quality expertise.

  • Develop a range of automobile accessories, from design through to production.

  • Integrate Renault Design India within the overall design process, meaning everything from initial design to the production of mock-ups and prototypes, including the digital design phase, the lynchpin of our current operations.

The aim of the “IndDesign” competition launched with Autocar magazine is to pinpoint talented individuals and Design colleges for future partnerships with Renault Design. The entries will help Renault understand and identify the specific Indian cultural attributes that are applicable to automobile design. The competition winner will secure a 3-month work placement at Renault Design India.

July 17, 2007

Photos: Renault

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