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SEAT : The New Seat Arosa 

The Paris Auto Show 2000

At the next Paris Motor Show, Seat will present the new Arosa. With this model the Spanish brand goes a step further in its process of completely renewing its range which began at this same Motor Show in 1998. 

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In the two years since, Seat has presented six new models: Toledo, Ibiza, Córdoba, León, Alhambra and Arosa.

The new Arosa presents a clean, impressive, and sporty design. It stands out for its exterior line, and, especially, for its front with a style shared with the new range of Seat products.


The front is characterized by the double front headlamps, protected by a transparent glass cover. And the new-design bumpers are in body colour on all versions. At the rear end, the new polygeometrical rear lights sit either side of the wide tailgate, which can be opened in the same way as other models of the brand, tilting the Seat logo.

Inside, a new, more ergonomic dashboard welcomes us. The instrument panel contains two different instruments, for the speedometer and the rev counter.

The finish range - Stella, Signa and Sport – and the equipment level aim to satisfy all kinds of customers. In the Stella finish, the new Arosa offers driver airbag, power steering, front power windows, remote control central locking, height adjustable steering-wheel and driver’s seat, split rear seat and galvanized bodywork with 12-year anticorrosion warranty.

For those customers who want it, the new Seat Arosa offers leather upholstery, ABS, electronically adjustable mirrors, co-driver and side airbag, air conditioning and electric, glass or canvas sunroof, among many other features. There also exists an economical Select finish, which offers a simpler equipment level.

The wide engine choice ranges from the 50 hp (37 kw) of the 1.0 to the 100 hp (74 kw) of the sporty 1.4 16V, including the 1.4 60 hp (44 kw) also available with an automatic 4-gear gearbox. On the other hand, the Diesel range is made up of two engines, the economic 1.7 SDi 60 hp (44 kw) and the impressive 1.4 TDi with 75 CV (55 kw) unit pump injectors.

With this new Arosa, the Seat range shows a unique style that expresses the sporty spirit, which characterizes the Spanish brand.

Barcelona, 05.09.2000

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