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DaimlerChrysler at the NAIAS 2000

NAIAS 2000

Detroit Auto Show Special

JEEP® VARSITY Urban Adventure Concept

2001 Jeep Varsity Concept 2000
Click image for larger view

DaimlerChrysler will unveil the Jeep® Varsity urban adventure concept, Sunday, January 9, 12 noon at the Chrysler stand at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Jeep Varsity is a go-anywhere, do-anything concept that blurs the line between boulevard and boulder performance. "We once again challenged ourselves to invent a new vehicle category," said Tom Gale, Executive Vice President Product Development and Design. "The Varsity is as adventurous as the people who drive Jeep vehicles today -- whether in an urban environment or off-road."

Jeep Varsity Concept

(January 3, 2000)

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