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A complex and challenging industry

The Automotive Industry is one of the most complex industries for one of the most expensive single consumer products. The price of a car is high and promises a good margin, giving the industry its attractiveness. But as competition is getting tougher – a natural effect in a mature industry - the industry is increasingly forced to be more innovative and more efficient in terms of technology, processes and management.

A business highly competitive, innovative and in constant change

The Western automotive industry had its wake up call in the 70ies, when Jones, Ross and Womack published “The machine that changed the world”. The study unveiled that the western car industry, USA as well as Europe, was already far behind the Japanese automotive industry, especially Toyota. Thereafter we experienced a race for efficiency improvement by western car companies. “Lean Manufacturing” was the beginning, platform strategies, core competencies and complexity reduction of products and organizations followed! Since then the auto industry is on the run and in a constant change. New markets as China, India and Russia demand car companies to be present and put an additional challenge on the industry.

An industry with role model potential

The automotive industry is one of the most challenging and we believe it is fair to say, that taking advantage of the lessons learned from this industry could help every other company. We call ourselves AutoIntell which derives from Automotive Intelligence: Work within the most exciting industry and let others take advantage of a mature and experienced industry.

A team experienced to manages complexity and innovation

The AutoIntell Consulting team has a long tradition in serving the car industry. We spent most of our time in product development, manufacturing, logistics, quality and sales processes, as well as IT-support. Our mission is to serve the auto industry with highly industry experienced consultants and help non-automotive companies taking advantage of world class processes of an industry able to manage complexity and innovation efficiently.


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