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Renault-Nissan Alliance Overview

. 2002 2001
Renault Group 2.403.975 2.413.038
Renault 2.229.112 2.287.804
RSM 117.088 70.788
Dacia 57.775 54.446
Nissan Group 2.735.530 2.580.757
Nissan 2.640.650 2.505.627
Infinity 94.880 75.130
Renault-Nissan Alliance 5.139.505 4.993.795

Source: Renault

Renault group unit sales continued to grow worldwide in 2001. In Western Europe, Renault was the leading brand for the fourth year in a row and slightly increased market share on 2000 in the passenger car and light commercial vehicle segments combined. This was largely due to the sales success of Laguna and Clio models launched in 2001 and LCVs.

Outside Western Europe, the group offset the effects of crises in Turkey and Argentina by strong sales gains in Central Europe and Brazil, as well as by contributions from new brands Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors. Renault plans to consolidate sales in 2002 through ongoing international development and faster renewal of its product lineup.

In 2001 Renault increases sales worldwide and consolidates ranking as leading European brand

Renault group sales climbed 2.2% in 2001 to 2,408,548* passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Sales were up 1.6% in Western Europe, but jumped by 23.8% in Central Europe, where Renault was ranked third, up from fifth place in 2000. Sales, however, were impacted by the slump in the Turkish and Argentine markets, but rose in Brazil and on many other markets, including Africa, Maghreb, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Renault doubled its net profit in 2000 to EUR1,080 million (FRF7,082 million) and registered operating margin of 5% of revenues

February 13, 2001 -- In 2000, Renault posted a net profit of EUR1,080 million (FRF7,082 million), on revenues of EUR40,175 million (FRF263,534 million), up 5.6% on a consistent basis. Operating margin came to EUR2,022 million (FRF13,266 million), equal to 5% of revenues. This result was obtained in an extremely eventful year in terms of strategic operations. Nissan made a positive contribution for the first time to the Group's financial results thanks to the rapid success of its recovery plan, while the implementation of the Alliance continued at a fast pace.

The agreement with Volvo signed on January 2, 2001, has secured for the Commercial Vehicles Division a promising solution for its future development. In line with its objective of international expansion, Renault acquired the operating assets of Samsung Motors and consolidated its investment in Dacia, while actively pursuing its international development with support from Nissan. At the end of the year, the Group launched the new Laguna, a model embodying Renault's new brand identity.

Renault's revenues came to EUR40,175 million (FRF263,534 million) in 2000 compared to EUR38,033 million (FRF249,483 million) in 1999 , an increase of 5.6% on a consistent basis.

Revenues generated abroad accounted for 64.5% of the total compared to 63.8% on the basis of restated 1999 figures, confirming the Group's continued international expansion.

The contribution of the Automobile Division to Group revenues came to EUR31,486 million (FRF206,533 million) in 2000, up 4.8% compared to 1999 on a consistent basis. The growth in revenues was due principally to the favorable version mix and higher sales volumes outside Europe.

Renault Group unit sales reached 2.35 million vehicles, including 50,000 units under the Dacia brand and 12,500 Samsung-badged vehicles. Unit sales of the Renault brand totaled 1.97 million passenger cars and 323,000 light commercial vehicles, giving the brand a 4.1% share of the world market. With an 11% share of the market in Western Europe, Renault consolidated its position as leading brand for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles for the third consecutive year. In markets outside Western Europe, Renault grew by 22,7%. It remained market leader in Turkey with sales up 47% and continued its development in the Mercosur (up 11.1%), while achieving record market penetration in Central Europe.

Renault worldwide sales




Passenger cars (PC) 1,970,000



Light commercial vehicles (LCV) 330,000



Total PC + LCV 2,300,000



Trucks over 5 tonnes (1)  






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