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DaimlerChrysler: Product Development Centers

Mercedes-Benz : Development Center (Engineering und Versuchszentrum EVZ ) Stuttgart

A very important basis for all these sales records is the new Mercedes-Benz Tech Center in Sindelfingen, Germany. Similar to the Tech Center of the Chrysler Group in Auburn Hills, Michigan, all the important functions like design and development, pre-production and production-planning worldwide have been integrated at one site. One of the most impressive results was the reduction of the ramp-up time by 50 percent at the launch of the new C-Class.

Daimler Benz will concentrate its R&D for the car business. In Sindelfingen, Germany, where also the plant of the E-class and S-class is located, an all new R&D-center is located

EVZ-vorn.JPG (12423 Byte)

Photo: DaimlerChrysler

Some key facts

Investment DM 1.2 Bill. ($ 750 Mil.)
Number of employees 6,200
Area sqm 300,000
  • Incl. 1.6 km testtrack
  • offices/workshops = 50/50
  • center of the new EVZ development process

Chrysler Technical Development Center

The Chrysler Technical development Center was launched in 1997. It comprises all necessary functions to develop, prototype and test the car, but as well all the manufacturing engineering staff. It is located in the north of Detroit in Auburn Hills.

 Auburn Hills Complex

Chryslers Technical Center in Auburn Hills   

Photos: DaimlerChrysler

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