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August 8, 2007

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Chinese MPV market sees slower sales growth

By Jorvan  From:  www.gasgoo.com

In the first half of this year, MPV sales rose 12.9%, slower than that of sedan and SUV, and this is the lowest MPV sales growth rate over the last five years, according to official statistics.

However, auto industry experts said this was a normal slow-down after an explosive growth of China's MPV market. Auto giants, such as Chrysler, Benz, PSA and Toyota announced their plan to introduce their competitive MPV models.

Chrysler 2005 Voyager

China-made MPV Grand Voyager will be launched in August this year. With a total sales volume of 10,000,000 units world wide, the Grand Voager has prevailed in the global market for 20 years. It accounts for 60% of the imported MPV that China imported from other countries.

Meanwhile, the Dodge Caravan will be launched in September this year, according to the Chrysler group.

PSA and its Chinese partner Hafei Automobile signed a contract to co-make MPV models.

On a separate development, Guangzhou Toyota announced its plan to make Previa MPV next year.

In the Chinese MPV market, the top three brands are Refine, Odyssey and GL8. Sales of the top three accounted for 53.83% of the total MPV sales in the first half of this year

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August 6, 2007

Photos: Chrysler

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