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August 8, 2007

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Shanghai GM ranked as Most Competitive Passenger Vehicle Manufacturer in China

By Joanne From: www.gasgoo.com

The "Top 30 Most Competitive Passenger Vehicle Manufacturers", a list prepared by Guangzhou Daily, is released on Monday. Shanghai GM, the defending champion, has won the title since the ranking started in 2004.

The top 30 PV manufacturers are determined by a number of factors, including products, brand recognition, potential of R&D, brain power, marketing strategy, cooperation management, internal mechanism, profitability. These short-listed companies are scored and ranked every half year.

Notes---DPCA is short for Dongfeng Peugeot-Citron Automobile Co. FAW Car Co Ltd, a Chinese partner of Mazda Motor Corp, owned by the FAW Group. BBDC, short for Beijing Benz-Daimler Chrysler Automotive Co. Ltd, is DaimlerChrysler's joint venture in China. SAIC Motor, an auto parts producer affiliated to Shanghai Automobile Industry Co Group, now starts making sedans...

The ranking for the top seven remain the same as last year and all of them are joint ventures. The gap among them becomes narrower, which indicates a heated market. Both Toyota's and VW's two joint ventures are listed.

There are 14 home-grown brand carmakers among the top 30, a big increase compared with the number in the last ranking. Chery, the eighth most competitive carmaker was ranked one placement higher than last ranking. The Wuhu-based company is also the No. one domestic brand, whose low-cost cars will be exported to the United States under the Chrysler brand names.

Here is the first half of the rating for January.-June 2007.

Current ranking Company Name Score Last ranking

1 Shanghai GM 89 1

2 Shanghai Volkswagen 82 2

3 Guangzhou Honda 81 3

4 FAW Toyota 76.5 4

5 Dongfeng Nissan 74.5 5

6 Guangzhou Toyota 73 6

7 FAW Volkswagen 72.5 7

8 Chery 69.5 9

9 DPCA 69 8

10 SAIC Motor 68 -

11 Chang'an Ford 67 12

12 Beijing-Hyundai 66 11

13 FAW Car 65 10

14 BBDC 64 13

15 Brilliance 63.5 18

August 2, 2007

Photos: GM

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