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August 15, 2007

This Week:


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Chrysler Announces New Appointments and Alignments

The New Chrysler announces several organizational changes, reflecting the Company's new, privately held corporate structure and the naming of Robert L. Nardelli as Chairman and CEO.

Ronald E. Kolka is appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for The New Chrysler, with expanded responsibilities. Kolka was formerly Vice President - Corporate Finance. The newly created CFO position adds to its reporting structure: Treasury, ITM, Tax and Audit. Kolka will report to Nardelli.

Kim Harris Jones is appointed Vice President and Chief Controller. Harris Jones previously held the position Vice President - Product, Procurement and Cost Management Finance.


Laurie A. Macaddino is appointed Vice President - Corporate Audit and Compliance. Macaddino was previously Director - Corporate Audit Americas.

Karla E. Middlebrooks is appointed Vice President - Product, Procurement and Cost Management Finance. Middlebrooks was formerly Vice President - Controlling and Finance DaimlerChrysler Financial Services Americas.

Paul L. Wolff is appointed Vice President and Chief Tax Counsel. Wolff previously held the position of Chief Tax Counsel.

Harris Jones, Macaddino, Middlebrooks and Wolff report to Kolka.

The appointments and realignments took effect August 6, 2007.

August 9, 2007

Photos: Chrysler

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