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August 15, 2007

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Fireballed Racing and MINI USA Selected to Build Custom Project MINI for SPEED Channel series "Street Tuner Challenge"

MINI USA and FIREBALLED! RACING & PERFORMANCE! have been selected to compete on the hit SPEED Channel series "Street Tuner Challenge" premiering its third season this October, 2007.

FIREBALLED! RACING & PERFORMANCE! representing the European vehicle manufacture entry, will customize a 2007 MINI Cooper S to go head-to-head with two other teams modifying their respective US and Asian vehicle entries. The program, with its 13 planned episodes, airs on SPEED Channel, the fastest growing sports specialty station in the US with a reach of over 75 million homes via cable and satellite across North America.


"Street Tuner Challenge" is comprised of three competitive categories for a winning total score. With 3 months available to each team, the challenge is to improve three main categories: * Interior - Upholstery, Audio/Video * Exterior - Graphics, Paint, Body Design * Horsepower - Dyno - Stopping - Improved Lap - Improved High Speed

After 13 weeks, all three vehicles face-off in an intense and extremely entertaining race format called "Time Attack", the hottest new Motorsports craze from Japan. Three laps - Two heats - Base model vs. Challenge vehicle - Challenge vehicles vs. the clock. The teams have 30 minutes and as many fast and furious laps as each can take - only the fastest lap counts… as the three ultra-modified Street Tuners compete for the top billing.

FIREBALLED! RACING & PERFORMANCE! is uniquely positioned to successfully compete in the Challenge and has demonstrated via unique development programs that MINI is an excellent platform for motor sports tuning and performance. Such MINI projects include their development of the "World's Fastest MINI USA M600 Flamethrower". This MNI import dragster has earned its title on the NHRA tracks over the past two years, winning the NHRA Design Award in Englishtown, NJ. FIREBALLED! RACING & PERFORMANCE! has also developed custom high performance MINIs and Limited Editions sold through select dealerships. Fireball Tim's special "Hollywood Design Brand" will also bring an exciting and creative element to the competition.

Representing the European vehicle manufacture entry, MINI USA will provide the team with 2007 MINI Cooper S vehicles for modification and competition. With its razor-sharp handling, expressive design and overt brand personality, MINI is an ideal entry for the competition. MINI has an impressive racing heritage and more recently, with its exceptional performance, it has become a success story in competitive grassroots level motorsports. Customization is another desirable MINI brand attribute that fits perfectly with the show's concept. With factory options, there are 150 Trillion possible unique combinations of MINI that can be built. Add dealer and aftermarket accessories and the number increases.

August 8, 2007

Photos: MINI

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