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First European Presentations

Geneva Autoshow 2000


BMW 323 Ci Cabrio

3-series convertible based on the new 3-series coupé, with automatically extensible rollober bar as standard and newly designed folding hood.



Photo: Automotive Intelligence

Bugatti EB 218

The Bugatti EB 218 is a luxury 4-door sedan, designed by the Giugiaro brothers of ItalDesign. Special is the 4-wheel steering.


Bugatti EB 218

Photo: Automotive Intelligence

Jaguar F-Type

First presented in Detroit 2000, the F-type is clearly inspired by the old E-type and refers to the X180 unveiled in Paris 1998.


Photo: Automotive Intelligence

Mazda RV-Evolv

Dynamic 4-door "Sports" styling for the next Millennium.


Photo: Automotive Intelligence

Mitsubishi Pajero

Brandnew big Pajero with new design and new engines (Direct injection 3.5 V6 GDI petrol and 3.2 DI-D Diesel Turbo).


Photo: Automotive Intelligence

Opel Zafira Snowtrekker

Compact van concept with new technologies, aluminium gasoline direct injection engine with 150 HP permanent all-wheel drive.


Photo: Automotive Intelligence

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