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Publications of Interest


The publications on the following page are providing useful information for automotive professionals. Recommendations are based on our individual view of the issues.

If any of your favorite automotive business journals is missing, please let us know. Either by your comment in the Guestbook or by E-mail.

           The most popular automotive business related periodicals



Automotive News :

A monthly paper, with a lot of inside information about actual persons and processes in the car industry with a focus on the events in the US.

Automotive News Europe :

Excellent newspaper, published monthly, like the mother paper, with very good insides of persons, companies and processes. A paper for those, who want to know, what is going on in the industry.

Automobile Manufacturing :

Magazine with a lot of technical information, less management oriented, but with process management insides of high quality.

Automobil-Produktion :

A German language automotive management oriented journal, published 2-monthly with highly professional reports on suppliers, manufacturers, processes, organization and other insides not only of the German car industry. A must for every German reading car executive.

Automobil-Entwicklung :

By the same publisher as Automobil- Produktion. 6 issues per year. Focused on Design, Engineering and Technology.

Automobil Management :

By the same publisher as Automobil-Produktion, but in English. Issues close to the German version, excellently professionally researched. 

Automotive Industries :

Excellent web page. (AI-Automotive Industries)

Vehicle News :

A bilingual French and English written journal, with profound information. Worth reading.

Le Journal de l'Automobile :

Journal in French, locally oriented with a lot of personnel information and local event reporting.

Wards Automotive :

One of the classics in the industry, same as Automotive News. With a lot of detailed data and information, partly outdated.

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