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Travel & Golf Recommendations

De Zalze Golf Course

South African has become a famous traveler destination not only because of the beautiful landscape, the warm hospitality and the great wine destinations but also because of its great golf courses. The one, which belongs to the Spiers Estate is the De Zalze golf course, designed by Peter Matkovich (course architect for both Leopard Rock and Arabella), is situated within the De Zalze Winelands. It’s an open to the public course, membership is only available for home owners on the estate.

Club House - For larger view click image

The name De Zalze originates from the early wine farmers who produced wines on the three farms making up De Zalze, namely, Groote Zalze, Kleine Zalze & De Vleie. In 2000 the Spier group purchased an interest in the property and together with Kleine Zalze have re-modeled the estate into one of the most sought after golf real estate properties in the Cape Winelands of South Africa. The estate boasts Kleine Zalze as a working wine farm as well as fairways surrounded by vineyards, olive groves & lavender fields, which will all produce marketable crops for the estate.

Hole 13, the signature hole - For larger view click image

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"Course & Club House

The De Zalze Golf Course has an excellent mix of parkland holes with its main defences coming from the water features on several of the holes as well as the Oak tree lined Blaauwklippen River which winds its way through the golf estate and comes into play at various intervals.


For larger view click image

For larger view click image

The golf course, open since 2000 with the brand new Cape styled thatch clubhouse, which opened in December 2003, is an exciting addition to the group of international standard championship golf courses recently built in the Western Cape region of South Africa.

In 2006 it hosted the World Amateur Team Championships (WATC) "Eisenhower Trophy". But also for those of us who are not scratch players De Zalze Golf Course is a truly fair golf course and guarantees a great round of golf in a wonderful environment.

And afterwards at the 19th hole while relaxing by a drink and a delightful snack, the Club House is the perfect place to enjoy the stunning views of the Helderberg Mountains and make it easy to forget all the trouble which may have happened during the game.

Hole 18 - For larger view click image

De Zalze Golf Course - For larger view click image

Hole 1 from tee- For larger view click image

Hole 1 green - For larger view click image

Hole 2
- For larger view click image

Hole 3 - For larger view click image

Hole 5 - For larger view click image

Hole 6 from the tee box #7

For larger view click image

Hole 7
- For larger view click image

Hole 8 green - For larger view click image

Hole 9
For larger view click image

Hole 9 green
For larger view click image

Hole 10 on your way from the club house
For larger view click image

Hole 11 - For larger view click image

Hole 13 - For larger view click image

Hole 14 - For larger view click image

Hole 17 green on top of the river
For larger view click image

Hole 18 -
For larger view click image

Hole 18

Without any question the most beautiful hole of the course. The view from the tee is marvelous. It is really worth to climb the champion tee box for the view, just in case you are not playing under 10! The hole itself provides some challenges. If you play it in the middle of the fairway your second shot to green will be fine. Any shot too much left and trees will avoid a proper approach. If you - accidentally - slice to the right you better play a provisional. Be aware of the river in front of the green!

Hole 1

Hole 1 plays up a hill, right protected by trees towards the Zalze winery. Keep to the left and you will reach the wide green with your second.

Left from the green you can see the Kleine Zalze lodges, a pricy but nice place to stay. Some of the rooms are self catering an done suite even offers your own Braii (South African Barbeque)  station

Hole 2

The second hole is long par 4. The slight dogleg left is rated the most difficult one with a stroke of 1. A fairway bunker left is eager to welcome your ball. The green is protected by two bunkers.

Hole 3

Hole 3 is a Par 3. The ball must stay free of the rocky river bed, which goes up all the way to the green. Trees to both sides leave enough space to bring the ball to the flag. Any slice or pull and the ball is in trouble. The green itself is surrounded by three bunkers, all pretty visible already from the tee box. Nice hole, but make it to the green!

Hole 4

The forth hole is a par 4 Stroke 3 and pretty long, but straight forward. If you play your tee shot straight you don't have to bother about the reeds to the right and the hazard to the left. A little disturbing, but only mentally, is the small tree just behind the tee. The green is fair, which slopes a little uphill from front to back.

Hole 5

Hole 5 is a par 4 stroke 5 light dogleg right. You will play towards the Stellenbosch mountains. Lots of bunkers left and right protect the fairway against your tee shot. The green is surrounded by a big bunker to the left and a small one in the back right.

Hole 6

Number 6 is a fairly long and tricky par 5. After your tee shot, which could get wet, if you play to much to the right, you will have take care for a dam at the right of the fairway. The approach is guarded by two big bunkers on the left.

Hole 7

A classic par 4 straight forward. The fairway is narrowed by large bunkers left and right. The approach has to be accurate distance wise, because two bunkers in front and back of the green will punish any wrong measurement.

Hole 8

The 8 is a lovely par 5, narrow fairways and lots of bunkers. First shot is blind, which doesn't make it easier. The approach will be downhill and the green finally is doglegged left. All way down to the green you will enjoy the lovely views of the golf course and the Stellenbosch mountains.

Hole 9

Hole 9 will get us back to the club house. A par 3 with water to the left and in front of the green, the only way is to target the middle of the green. The green is sloping uphill from front to back. To the left, the green is surrounded by olive trees and a niche but solid bunker. Now you earned your tee & toast at the half way bar.

Hole 10

After getting refreshed '10 is just a good starter to the second nine. You have tp play your tee shot accurately between the two fairway bunkers in order to reach the heavy doglegged green with your second. Any shot too much to the left will bring you trouble. Pine trees to the left will interfere any second shot. The green is uphill and quite narrow. But it all depends on your first shot.

Hole 11

Number 11 is a long and seemingly narrow but straight par 4 stroke 2. Right trees will watch your tee shot and left you should take care of the vines. If you played it straight and long, there will be no reason not to birdie. But only, if you hit the difficult green not too far from the stick! A lovely one!

Hole 12

A very special par 3. The green is protected by bunkers in the rear left and right. In front right you have to take care of the water.

You either make a good tee shot or you will ring the the hole. Especially if you get into the bunker. The green only holds excellent bunker shots. Otherwise your ball will go for a bath in the water or will take a sun bath in the other bunker.

Hole 13

This clearly is a signature hole! You play over the water while enjoying a marvelous view of the little lake. It is a par 4 doglegged left. De Zalze Golf Club recommends: "Do not bite off more than you can Chew". And that is perfectly right.

Video Clip

Video Clip
Hole 13

Hole 14

Still impressed by #13 hole 14 also offers you a marvelous view and a challenge as well. This par 6 you will play into a little valley completely filled with a huge bunker as it looks from the tee box. But don't worry!

You can either pay right or left from the huge bunker. On your way to the elevated green some pines will be in your way and you might want to play it right from the bunker. But only if you are even with Tiger Woods!

Hole 15

A nice and straight forward par 4. The tee is elevated and gives you a nice view on the hole. Some trees left and right will narrow your tee shot options. So play it accurately in the middle

Hole 16

This long par 3 has to be played over a long bunker and some bouncing rocks in the fairway. So any other shot than right into the green will give you a lot of options for trouble

Hole 17

Number 17 is a long par 5 and a tough one. First it plays a little to the right and at the green it goes left. In your first landing zone you will make friends with the trees on the left and a bunker complex on the right.

Your second shot should take care for the trees on the left. In front of the green a river is crossing and out of the river bed it is tough to play. So, as usual, best is to play into the green directly!

Video Clip

Video Clip
"Hole 18"


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Pro Shop Name: De Zalze Golf Lifestyle Shop

Telephone: (021) 880 7308
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Email: info@dezalzegolf.com

Website: www.dezalzegolf.com

Photos: De Zalze/Automotive Intelligence

(December 20, 2006)

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