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Nissan North America: Sales

Nissan Announces 2005 Best Year in its U.S. Sales History

Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) made company history by reporting 1,076,670 total calendar year-end sales, posting a 9.6 percent increase over CY04, making it the first time NNA has sold more than one million units in a calendar year. Total NNA December sales of 91,253 posts a 1.1 percent decrease over last year. The Nissan Division posts a 2.2 decrease over last year and NNAís luxury division, Infiniti, celebrates its best December sales ever, posting a 6.5 percent increase in sales as the all-new Infiniti M posted strong sales and also had its best December ever. Both Nissan and Infiniti Divisions also celebrate their best calendar year sales ever.



  • December sales for Nissan-brand vehicles of 78,397 units were down 2.2 percent when compared to last year with 80,201 units sold

  • CY05 marks Nissanís best calendar year sales for Nissan-brand vehicles with 940,269 units sold, accounting for a 10.3 percent increase versus CY04

  • Murano (8,276 units sold), Xterra (8,846 units sold) had their best December ever.

  • Altima (255,371), Pathfinder (76,156), Armada (39,508), and Titan (86,945 units sold) celebrate their best calendar year sales


  • Sales for Infiniti were up 6.5 percent from last December with 12,856 units sold

  • CY05 marks Infinitiís best calendar year sales with 136,401 units sold, accounting for a 4.5 percent increase versus CY04

  • The all-new M continued its strong sales momentum with 2,552 units sold and posts its best December ever

  • M (24,000 units sold) and QX56 (14,711 units sold) celebrate their best calendar year sales

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