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EDAG: Keinath Coupe GT/C

World Premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show 2001 
EDAG Engineering + Design AG and Keinath Automobilbau GmbH Present the New Keinath Coupé "Keinath GT/C"


A new star will begin to shine in the world of exclusive sports cars when the new Keinath Coupé "Keinath GT/C" premieres at the Geneva International Motor Show 2001. A collaboration of Keinath Automobilbau GmbH, famous for its successful Keinath GT/R, with the globally active auto design partner EDAG Engineering + Design AG has brought forth the new Keinath Coupé.

Keinath Coupe GT/C
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The exterior design for the Keinath GT/C was created by the people at EDAG Engineering + Design AG. The successful design process involved the development of a symbolism of shapes in a symbiosis of classical and modern styles. The idea was to create a sports car with the potential to become tomorrow's classic. 

Sports cars such as the Keinath appeal to an exclusive target group where traditional elements of style are appreciated and expected. This is the reason the designers allowed themselves to be inspired by a repertoire of classical shapes and designs. 

left: Mr. Keinath, Head of Keinath Automobilbau GmbH

Autonomy, individuality, and exclusiveness - these were the basic concepts governing the design process. The Keinath Coupé - designed by EDAG - represents a seamless continuation of the squad of high-class sports cars that impress by timeless elegance. Thanks to the technology already successfully employed for the Keinath Roadster "Keinath GT/R" the buyer receives super-modern safety components and the highest possible level of reliability and luxury. For especially ambitious drivers, Keinath - as an alternative to the 3.2 liter engine - offers a V8 outfit that provides a maximum of driving pleasure and power.

   With the Keinath Coupé the people at EDAG Engineering + Design AG for the first time present themselves in public with their own design label as the creators of an entire exterior design. As Johannes Barckmann, head of the EDAG Design Studio, explains: " For obvious reasons of secrecy, only the customer is given access by EDAG to information regarding current projects in car design. Any presentation of future models is rightfully reserved to the auto industry."

Since 1989 EDAG designers have been involved in (inter-) national design projects for interior and exterior concepts in the auto industry. "The Keinath Coupé was an especially attractive project for us, because it allowed us to design and realize a complete design strategy together with our customer", says Barckmann. The Keinath Coupé is an impressive opportunity for the EDAG Design Team to demonstrate their capability in realizing design projects for the auto industry. A new name for creative and marketable design solutions will have to be added to the list of well-known design companies from Italy, England or Germany in the future. 

March 02, 2001












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