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April 11, 2007

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Nissan Cube Custom-Design at the Tokyo Midtown 21_21 Design Sight

New Facility To Spearhead Innovations In Design For The Future

Nissan will participate in the new 21_21 Design Sight, scheduled to open today at Tokyo’s latest urban development project “Tokyo Midtown”, by showing off a unique CUBE custom-designed vehicle. The unique design produced by the Nissan Design Center (NDC) is modeled from the CUBE compact car that is currently available in the market.

The CUBE custom-design reflects the evolving trends and emerging concepts in automotive design – it is innovative in its originality and contemporary design. The design team maintained the design cues from the CUBE’s signature boxy form and asymmetric proportions to create a bold new look that fits perfectly with its surrounding space and environment.



The two CUBE custom-design cars were designed with a functional purpose in mind – one as a “21_21Q FOODS” cart serving refreshments and snacks, while another “21_21Q GOODS” will offer premium goods and souvenirs. The logos on the CUBEs were specifically created by graphic designer, Taku Sato, one of the three directors of 21_21 Design Sight.

The CUBE custom-design represents the first attempt by the NDC to remodel a new and original design based on a vehicle that is already in the marketplace. Nissan continues to seek more collaborative opportunities in exploring new frontiers in automotive design.

21_21 Design Sight was conceptualized as a research center for design innovation. The objective was to share views and ideas from various creative partners involved in design, from designers to companies, craftsmen, engineers and consumers. 21_21 Design Sight hopes to launch a movement to generate greater interest and appreciation in design.

All Photos: Nissan

(April 4, 2007)

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