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April 18, 2007

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One Lucky Commuter Gets a Morning Rush by Participating in Dodge "Avenge Your Commute"

From the bumper-to-bumper traffic and unnecessary horns to the screeching tires and continuous break lights, many Americans are stressed out by the 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. rat race. A recent Dodge survey revealed 51 percent of Americans who live in major markets find their daily commute stressful. Of those, 62 percent experience feelings of frustration, 52 percent get in bad moods, 37 percent suffer from headaches and 28 percent experience back pain.

Joel Schneeberger of Chicago is one of those commuters. In recognition of National Stress Awareness Day on Tuesday, April 17, Dodge launched the “Avenge Your Commute” campaign, inviting frustrated commuters to write a 250-word essay answering the questions – “What makes your commute so stressful?” and “How would owning an all-new 2008 Dodge Avenger relieve your stress?” The 27-year-old’s essay about his daily commute to work with his mother-in-law was chosen as the worst commuting story from more than 1,600 entries received from around the country.

For his winning essay, Schneeberger was awarded a trip to Los Angeles, a chance to avenge his commute and a Dodge Avenger. All entrants were asked to register at www.DodgeAvengeYourCommute.com.

In addition to the essay contest, Dodge partnered with Dr. Martha Beck, internationally-recognized life coach, to help commuters minimize the stress caused by the daily commute.



“When things are out of our control, such as congested, standstill traffic, our immediate reaction is to stress out. Some commuters even become more aggressive on the road when faced with a stressful situation,” said Dr. Beck, a best-selling author and columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine. “To help everyone de-stress and avoid accidents on the road, there are simple techniques commuters can do while behind the wheel, but the first step is to channel your stress into positive thoughts and take deep breaths.”

“Avenging his Commute” To avenge his commute, Dodge set up a safe environment – near Los Angeles’ I-101 morning rush hour traffic – for Schneeberger to relieve his commuter stress in a fun, therapeutic way.

From throwing balloons full of mud and firing a paint gun to lunging shopping carts and running over the vehicle in a Monster Truck, Schneeberger had his chance to blow off some commuter steam.

“I got such a rush when I received the phone call telling me that my essay was selected, but the greatest part was having the chance to vent my frustrations and demolish a vehicle, knowing I was going to get an all-new Dodge Avenger,” said Schneeberger. “I can honestly say I will never think about my commute the same way again, especially since I’ll be doing it by myself from behind the wheel of this cool new car.”

All Photos: Chrysler

(April 16, 2007)

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