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People at the Show 

The Paris Auto Show 2000

To People at the Show (2)

Volkswagen at the Show: Ferdinand Piech, head of Volkswagen group (left) and Herbert Demel, head of Volkswagen do Brasil


Seat Emotion and the Seat girls

Volkswagen Group and Skoda: Jens Neumann, head of organization and systems group (left) and Detlev Schmidt, head of sales Skoda

Volkswagen Brand: Head of procurement Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz (left) and colleague


BMW at the MINI introduction: Prof. Milberg (left picture right), CEO BMW Group, and Helmut Panke, finance BMW Group and Burkhard Goeschel (right picture), head of product development


Ferrari: Sergio Pininfarina and Luca di Montezemolo intruducing the new Ferrari 550 Barchetta Pininfarina (left)


Luca di Montezemolo benchmarking at Jaguar (below)

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