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April 16, 2003
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BMW, GM to Jointly Develop Liquid Hydrogen Refueling Technology

Munich, Detroit - General Motors Corp. and the BMW Group will jointly develop refueling devices for liquid hydrogen vehicles, and invite other carmakers and suppliers to join this initiative, the companies announced today.

"We want to accelerate the progress being made on the distribution and on-board storage of liquid hydrogen as the future fuel," said Dr. Lawrence Burns, GM's vice president of Research and Development and Planning. "Both compressed and liquid hydrogen hold promise to be used in hydrogen vehicles. The density of hydrogen in a liquid state is especially attractive with respect to fuel distribution and vehicle range."


The collaborative work will center around setting global standards, establishing specifications for suppliers and finding the best technical and cost effective solution, according to Christoph Huss, BMW's head of Science and Traffic Policy.

(April 9, 2003)

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