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MG Rover , Longbridge, UK

Nowadays, the structure of MG Rover, an independent, medium-sized British company, reflects a corporate focus on the development of a fully integrated automotive business. Its aim is to create great cars, from great brands.

The company was formed following the purchase of the Rover Group from BMW in May 2000. The total group has an annual turnover in the region of 2 billion and employs 6500 highly skilled and dedicated people.

The largest business within MG Rover is MG Rover Group, which designs, develops and manufactures cars at its Longbridge, Birmingham site in the UK. Its products are sold world-wide in 70 markets, with approximately 50 per cent of sales in export territories.

In Powertrain Ltd, MG Rover Holdings has a business that manufactures engines and gearboxes, from the same Longbridge site. MG Rover Parts Ltd will provide a world-wide after sales supply operation to the MG Rover dealer organisation.

MG Rover Holdings also includes MG Sport and Racing Ltd, MG Rover Property Ltd and MG Heritage Ltd.

A whole car company sold for 10

The successful sale of Rover Cars to the Phoenix Consortium prevented the closure of the Rover plant in Birmingham. This was the result of the negotiations between the BMW Group and the Phoenix Consortium led by John Towers that were successfully concluded in May 2000. 

The BMW Group and Phoenix Consortium signed and completed the purchase contracts in London. The symbolic purchase price is 10 GBP. Phoenix will be taking responsibility for the development, production and distribution of Rover Cars. In addition, Phoenix will aquire the MG brand and other Heritage brands. 

The Phoenix Consortium will take over production in Longbridge, Birmingham of the Rover 25 and 45, the MGF sports car and the current Mini, until the start of production of the new Mini. Furthermore, it was agreed to shift the production of the Rover 75 from Oxford to the Birmingham plant. Phoenix will start production of the Rover 75 Estate in mid 2001.

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Rover is a company with a long tradition. Founded in 1885 by John Kemp Starley as a bicycle factory it developed over time. In the beginning of 2000 BMW sold Land Rover to Ford and the rest to the Phoenix group. This was the end  of the Rover Group.

  • Rover Cars incl. the MG brand were sold to the Phoenix initiative,

  • Land Rover incl. the Gaydon development center sold to Ford and

  • the Oxford (Cowley) plant was integrated into BMW Manufacturing.

Another step in the proud, but sometimes not very fortunate history of Rover and all its brands:

  • In 1904 Rover started to build automobiles and became Rover Company Ltd in 1906

  • In 1913 the first Morris was launched, in 1924 the first MG from Morris Garages came to market

  • The first Land Rover was born in 1948

  • The famous Mini Cooper was launched in August 1959. In the beginning the car was sold under the brand of Austin and Morris, designed by Alec Issigonis.

  • Before bought by BMW Rover was in a partnership with Honda, which had a minor stake in Rover.

Products Production (Units in 1997) Plants


  • Longbridge, UK


Rover 100


Rover 200/ Rover 25


Rover 400


Rover 600/ Rover 75


now BMW

Rover 800




  • Solihull, UK

now Ford

Range Rover










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