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DaimlerChrysler: PT Cruiser Convertible Study

DaimlerChrysler Unveils Drop-Top Gorgeous Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible Styling Study

New York -- The attention-getting Chrysler PT Cruiser is going topless just in time for spring. At the 2001 New York International Auto Show, Chrysler Group designers debuted their latest custom interpretation, with the drop-top gorgeous Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible styling study.

PT Cruiser Convertible
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DaimlerChrysler Senior Vice President - Product Design, Trevor Creed, unveiled the Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible 'styling study' at the concept vehicle's world debut during the New York Auto Show 2001. Based on the regular production model, this drop-top gorgeous PT Crusier features a lowered header and roof, 19-inch wheels and resculpted rear wheel flares. No production plans were announced for the concept.

Once designers lowered the header and roof and resculpted the rear wheel flares, this latest PT Cruiser styling study began to take on a new personality. The two-door PT Cruiser Convertible features a new rear quarter panel to accommodate the newly designed longer doors. To further enhance this study's exterior, body-colored bumpers and a chromed-accented grille were included to reinforce its customized look. In addition, the vehicle was lowered by 1.5 inches (38 mm).

 PT Cruiser Convertible
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"Based on the regular production Chrysler PT Cruiser, the convertible's design emphasizes its free-spirited attitude," said Lance Wagner, Design Director. "We created a more simplified form. For example, the body-side molding recesses were filled in to strengthen its contemporary clean lines.

There's purity in the convertible's design that respects the original styling. While its fresh appearance embodies a totally new character, it still retains and builds on the excitement of the PT Cruiser."

The Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible is finished in a Deep-Shadow-Blue Pearl paint while the interior features a dark taupe and light pearl beige color scheme with cognac and body-color blue accents.

 2001 PT CRuiser Convertible Study Interior
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Since the essential part of any cruising experience is taking your friends along, the PT Cruiser Convertible comfortably seats four passengers with theater-style seating. In this configuration, the rear passengers sit higher than the front passengers giving everyone a command-of-the-road experience.

"Even though the convertible roof was lowered by an inch (25.4 mm), the rear passenger compartment provides ample room and comfort," said Senior Design Manager Jeff Godshall, responsible for the interior. "Utility and convenience are added to the interior with a speaker and a mesh storage pocket completing the longer front door trim panels and a recessed arm rest and courtesy light in each quarter panel. Equally practical, the rear and front passenger seats fold down for easy storage, providing pass-through for such things as golf clubs, skis or surf boards."

Evoking classic drop-top design, the PT Cruiser Convertible's roof flows seamlessly and creates a 'fastback' appearance when the top is up. The top is power-operated. No powertrain changes have been made to execute this styling study. The vehicle is fitted with New York-themed "Empire" 19 inch cast aluminum wheels and custom-made Michelin 225/35 ZR19 tires.

Many will say the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible is two vehicles in one," said Creed. "It has a certain modern look when the top is down, with its sport bar and long passenger compartment. Yet when up, the top has a slammed-forward retro-position, much like a '30s custom chopped coupe, emulating the tension of an archer's bow being drawn back. Lower, sleeker with even more attitude, the PT Cruiser Convertible styling study is the latest example of the sort of fun we can have with PT Cruiser. And there's more to come."

Preliminary Specifications

The Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible styling study is based on a regular production Chrysler PT Cruiser


  • Length 168.8(inches) 4288(mm)

  • Width 67.1(inches) 1704(mm)

  • Height 60.5(inches) 1537 (mm)

  • Wheelbase 103(inches) 2616 (mm)

  • Track Front 58.3(inches) 1481(mm)

  • Track Rear 58.2(inches) 1478 4(mm)

Wheels & Tires

  • Wheels 19"x8"

  • Tires P225/35 ZR19

(April 10, 2001)

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