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August 29, 2007

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Ten models to be introduced to Chinese car market

By Jorvan From:  www.gasgoo.com

Over the past eight months, joint venture automakers have tried a variety of promotion measures to boost their sales in Chinese auto market. In order to enhance their overall competitiveness in this market, they have revamped or modified some of their best selling models and then introduce them to China. Gasgoo.com will illustrate ten new models that will be introduced to China later this year or next year.

Sebring, October 2007 Sebring integrated elements of Airflite which made its first debut in 2003 Geneva Auto Show. Currently the debugging and trial drive of Sebring is underway, and the new model will come to Chinese market this October.

New 307, September 2007 The new 307 will be launched in Chinese market this September. The new 307 is modified in its front light and bumper, which looks more majestic.

New Touran, December 2007 The new Touran debuted in 2006 Paris Auto Show, and in body size the new model is 20mm longer. Meanwhile, the model is configured with side airbags.

New Excelle, 2007 GM will introduce Skylark to Chinese market in 2009 to substitute Excelle, and Excelle will be the first Shanghai GM made model to be exported to the U.S. market. New Excelle share the same platform with Delta 2, on which Cobalt, Opel Saab 9-1 and Saturn Astra will be made in the near future.

Belta, 2008 Belta, a substitute of Vios, was introduced to China by FAW Toyota, and will be launched in the Chinese market by early 2008. Belta is powered by a 1.0Lor 1.3L engine.

New Elantra, May 2008 The old version of Elantra was among best selling vehicles in 2005. Beijing Hyundai hope the new one would maintain its good momentum. The new Elantra is longer in length and higher in height compared to the old one.

Sportgate, October 2007 Kia's Sportgate will is the first model produced in Kia's second plant. This model integrates the elements of SUV and MPV.

NEW Mondeo, September 2007 The new Modeo debuted in 2007 Shanghai Auto Show this April, and enlarged its interior space.

New Fit and City, August 2007 The new Fit and City will be powered a 1.3L engine and is popular in two-box sedan market, Guangzhou Honda expects this model to have a good showing in this month.

X-Trail, 2008 Dongfeng Nissan X-Trail will be launched next year. Currently the model is being produced in Guangzhou Honda plant of Dongfeng Nissan.

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August 28, 2007

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