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August 29, 2007

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Skoda Octavia SUV to be introduced to China next year

By Jorvan From:  www.gasgoo.com

Skoda will introduce a SUV model next year to diversify Skoda's lineup, said Fu Qiang, manager of Shanghai VW Skoda Brand Department.

Prior to this car model, Shanghai VW Skoda had introduced two sedan models Fabia and Superb to be produced locally in China. Now Skoda SUV models Roomster and Scout are the two Skoda models that have not been introduced to the Chinese market.

Scout is a SUV model based on the platform of Octavia. In the body size, it is a little bigger than Octavia.

The four-wheel drive SUV Scout is powered by a 2.0L TDI diesel engine, and the 2.0L FSI engine is for alternative use.

August 28, 2007

Photos: Gasgoo

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