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May 9, 2007

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Mazda Announces Second LifeTM Kite-Surfing Board Design Competition Winner

Mazda Motor Europe today announced that Second LifeTM resident Gilly Bates (Germany) has won its kite-surfing board design contest. The competition was part of the virtual launch of the Mazda Hakaze at Nagare Island, which Mazda founded at Second LifeTM in mid-February. Hakaze is a unique crossover concept car that was designed to meet the needs of kite surfers, perfect for Nagare Island with its virtual white-sand beaches and blue water.


For his photo-realistically design board, Gilly Bates will receive a real life prize of a kite-surfing board statue with his winning design and his virtual avatar on it.

The winner takes it all

Visitors to Nagare Island can own a Mazda Hakaze by successfully mastering a difficult jump with the concept car on the islandís test track, and if they want they can also download a virtual kite-surfing board, all at no cost.

So far over 2,500 of the ca. 4,000 Second LifeTM residents who have visited the island have accomplished the jump and nearly 2,000 boards have been issued.

Not only have residents used the board, but they have also tried their hand with jet skis and other water sports vehicles Ė turning Mazdaís Nagare Island into one of Second LifeísTM coolest beach and water-sports locations.

Second Prize Winner

Third Prize

All Photos: Mazda

(April 16, 2007)

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