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The 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada

New York - When the 2002 Bravada appears on the road there will be no question that it is the latest extension of the new generation of Oldsmobiles.

The 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada

"The original Bravada enabled Oldsmobile to gain entry into the sport utility market quickly and efficiently," explained Phil Zak, Oldsmobile's design manager. "The original vehicle has been very successful at providing our customers more on-road refinement and handling than the competition but we still wanted more. With the new 2002 Bravada, we've been able to design a vehicle from the ground up, paying particular attention to the wants and needs of customers who demand more luxury and driving refinement in a sport utility vehicle. This vehicle is designed more for on-pavement driving than off-road."

With an emphasis on exceeding the expectations of current sport utility buyers, the new Bravada was designed to provide drivers with car-like handling and performance, while continuing to offer maximum cargo features and power in a stylish, distinctive package.

Dimensionally, the new vehicle is ten inches longer, five inches wider and five inches taller than its predecessor. The wheelbase is increased six inches from 107 inches to 113 inches. The larger dimensions provide increased interior room for both front and rear passengers. Cargo volume also has increased from 74 cubic feet to more than 83 cubic feet.

On the exterior, more Oldsmobile design cues have been incorporated into the new Bravada than in the past.

The family resemblance begins with the thin horizontal headlamps and dual air intake apertures in the lower front fascia that greet the driver.

On the side, the wheel flares and wheel shoulders provide a strong orientation to the Oldsmobile specific, 17-inch six-spoke wheels - the largest and widest of the new mid-size sport utilities from General Motors. Side cladding is kept to a minimum and panels are body color keeping the new Bravada in harmony with other vehicles in the Oldsmobile line-up. Dark-tinted side glass is standard.

At the rear, crisp, clear taillights were developed to be consistent with the Oldsmobile brand creating a brilliant, jewel-like appearance.

"When a person sees the new Bravada in the showroom, the family resemblance to the entire Oldsmobile line-up will be readily apparent from any angle," Zak said. "More than seventy percent of the exterior sheetmetal on the new Bravada is specific to Oldsmobile."

Only the windshield, front doors, roof and rear liftgate are shared with the other new mid-size sport utilities coming from General Motors in the near future.

Comfort, convenience and luxury were high priorities throughout the interior design of the 2002 Bravada. "Bravada continues to be very well equipped for the owner who wants more than a spartan, truck interior," said Zak. "And we've made a special effort to ensure that everything the driver sees or touches is softer and more luxurious."

Bravada luxury can be found in the perforated leather seating areas for the front and rear passengers. Interior trim panels are painted with low gloss, soft-touch paint and include soft upper door panels. The interior control panel cluster, console top and upper door panels include a tasteful use of wood trim.

Like the exterior, shared components are kept to a minimum inside with only the headliner, close out panels, rear panel trim and carpet, common among the next generation mid-size sport utility vehicles. All other items inside the vehicle are specific to maintain strong Oldsmobile brand character.

"Our goal is to stay consistent with the Oldsmobile brand," Zak explained. "If there's a 2002 Bravada on one side of the garage and an Aurora next to it, the driver will feel the same orientation in the cockpit of either vehicle. Drivers shouldn't have to sacrifice luxury when they move from a car to a sport utility."

Zak said he is particularly pleased with the overall execution of Oldsmobile's brand character into the final product. "We've given each of our cars a certain stance and posture that is becoming more familiar and very appealing to non-traditional Oldsmobile customers," he said. "It was a challenge to take the brand character that we've incorporated into our cars and transform it into a truck. However, we feel we've achieved our goal. The new Bravada looks distinctively Oldsmobile and feels well-suited for any road condition."



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