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Honda: Dualnote Concept

The sports-car concept DUALNOTE is Honda's vision of the future of sports-minded driving. Honda believes that anyone should be able to experience the exhilaration and joy of a purpose-built sports car without the demand for sophisticated driving techniques. The solution is this totally new, mid-engine 4-seater sports car.

The DUALNOTE concept combines these two seemingly contradictory values into a stunning new vehicle offering dynamic performance, environment-friendliness and safety. With its superb drivability, DUALNOTE responds faithfully to the driver's intentions in all situations, allowing it to break new ground in sports-minded motoring. Once again, Honda offers a whole new style of driving exhilaration.



In this new age of the automobile, Honda accommodates these conflicting demands with original technology and packaging, to raise each of them to new levels. Designed and tested for both flexibility and rigidity, this new form of car promises a totally fresh impression.

The new-generation Honda Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) System combines a V6 3.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC* engine with electric motor assist. Additional power from the electric motor driving the front wheels raises total output to an astonishing 400HP and achieves an unprecedented fuel-efficiency of 18km/liter. This hybrid power unit achieving both high output and environment-friendliness is the powerful heart driving DUALNOTE.

Honda's IT instrument panel is designed to deliver only the necessary information when it is needed to improve driving pleasure and comfort.

With interactive voice-recognition technology at its core, the panel is divided into 3 units: vehicle status readings via 3-D display meters, a center display that transmits extra-vehicular information in an expanded and easily readable form, and an information monitor for display of navigation, e-mail and other information.

The interactive, voice-recognition-centered control technology used in this instrument panel is the result of a joint R&D venture between Honda and NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation). The mid-engine rear-drive/front-motor hybrid 4WD layout achieves a sharp, responsive feel. In addition, Honda has installed ATTS** for smoother, more stable cornering and VSA*** to suppress sideslip and stabilize upward movements of the body. These two systems work in tandem to control vehicle behavior, resulting in maximum performance from all four tires, with extremely efficient transfer of power to the road and enhanced braking and cornering capabilities.

*Intelligent Valve Timing and lift, Electronic Control

**Active Torque Transfer System

***Vehicle Stability Assist

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