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Fiat: Fiat Stilo


A generation leap for medium-sized compact cars Fiat has chosen the prestigious surroundings of the Geneva International Motor Show for the world preview of the Stilo, a car that represents a generation leap in the medium-sized compact car sector.

Fiat Stilo
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The Stilo is the lynchpin of the Fiat range and now the most representative brand member because it quintessentially expresses our values and new spirit. The new model is all set to relaunch Fiat as European segment leader.

Why 'Stilo'

The new car's name is easy to pronounce fluently in any language yet has an unmistakably Italian ring. It immediately conjures up the idea of something fashionable and trend-setting because it evokes an idea of style: style in French and English, stil in German, estilo in Spanish and Portuguese. Stilo also evokes associations with the sort of emotions one would expect to be aroused by a friendly car that is fun to drive, compact, up-to-date and high-tech. Lastly, the name is not too way-out because it is associated with down-to-earth items such as stylographs or stylistic creations - yet can also be associated with definitions as different as the versions of a whole family of cars.

Fiat Stilo
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One character, two personalities

The model is split into two very different 3- and 5-door variants so that everyone can find a Stilo to suit. The two cars differ in style, character and even size, i.e. length and above all width, which is a crucial structural feature in determining interior space.

The driving configuration is also different, because the driver's seat height in relation to the road (H point) is different. The point is lower on the 3-door version, as one would expect of a car of dynamic styling and vigorous nature. It is higher in the 5-door version to benefit ease of access, roominess and the mastery of the road only a car of unique personality can offer.

The new 5-door model will also be very attractive to customers who are tempted by the MPV subsegment that has recently emerged out of this market segment, because the Fiat Stilo has taken the traditional compact formula and added the benefits of an MPV: easy to get in and out, plenty of space inside and a high driving position to make the driver feel more in control. The car is modular and adaptable because one front seat can be folded forward and the two sliding rear seats can be reclined independently.

Dynamic, trend-setting style

The 3-door version is a sporty car with taut surfaces and architectural lines. The basic shape is made up of two overlying parallelepipeds that join at the waistline where a strong muscle underscores the prevalence of metal over glass.

The car is projected aggressively forward by a rear end that apparently extends from the upper body. The upper part, in turn, looks as though it has been set into the lower body and then pushed toward the front of the car. This styling cue results in an ultra-modern looking boot that sits ahead of the car's rear profile.

The Fiat Stilo 5-door version is even more sturdy and solid. The horizontal front end features broad, protective bumpers that convey a sensation of prestige and safety. The muscular waistline does not drop down to the front and rear bumpers after running along the side of the car but hugs the entire car in its embrace like a ring.

The windows are big and upright. The luggage compartment gains visibly in width. The handle is at waist level to make it easier and more instinctive to grasp.

Highly-specified, hi-tech, beguiling

Two cars with 3 and 5 doors but a single model in terms of features and technology. A model that sets new standards within its own market segment and even within higher segments.

Safety: The Stilo offers an extremely high level of passive safety that includes up to 8 airbags: the two at the front are multistage. The standard of active safety is also very high and includes VDC stability control in addition to ABS with EBD, ASR and Brake Assist. Xenon headlamps are also available for optimum visibility under all weather conditions.

Telecommunications: CONNECT, an innovative telecommunications system that links the driver to the wide range of services offered by Targa Services, will also be available on the Stilo. The array of CONNECT services is completed by a Dual Band GSM phone with WAP Internet access, GPS localisation and Navigation in addition to a CD sound system able to play MP3 music files. The system can be controlled by voice commands and shown on wide screen displays up to 7".

Technology at your service: Fiat Stilo makes your life easier. With a transponder in your pocket, you can enter the car and start it without a key. When on the motorway, all you have to do is set the required speed: your radar-controlled Smart Cruise Control will then take over the job of maintaining the set speed - and also braking and accelerating in relation to the speed of the car in front. The headlamps are automatically activated by a dusk sensor when you drive into a tunnel. The windscreen wipers are also turned on by the rain sensor at the first drops of a sudden shower. A parking sensor is fitted to aid parking manoeuvres. The driver can customise the operation of these and other systems via a Car Preferences menu on the control panel.

Next-generation interiors: The Stilo 5-door takes interiors into a new dimension with a level of flexibility and modularity unprecedented in the segment. The two rear seats slide forward and backward, recline and fold down independently. This makes the luggage compartment hugely versatile because it can offer a different load capacity and even a different shape as and when required. The rear of the passenger compartment rear can be adapted to alter leg-room and backrest position for maximum occupant comfort. These assets are complemented by a ski tunnel, various compartments with flaps, a child seat built into the back seat and a front seat that folds down to form a table to accommodate long loads or act as a work surface.

Dimensions and engines

The Fiat Stilo 5-door is 4.25 metres long, 1.76 metres wide and 1.51 metres high. Its wheelbase is 2.60 metres. The Fiat Stilo 3-door offers the same width and wheelbase but is 4.18 metres long and 1.46 high. Both will be equipped with four petrol engines and two common rail turbodiesel engines.


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