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DaimlerChrysler: Maybach Sales

The Maybach sales concept Taking Perfect Care of the Most Discriminating Customers

  • Consistent concentration on individualized, customer-focused service

  • The Center of Excellence as the focal point in the world of the Maybach brand

  • Comprehensive customer consulting with the latest in communications technology


In keeping with its international focus, the Maybach brand has had a global presence from the time of its market launch. Developed exclusively for the super-premium brand, the Maybach sales concept is, as one would expect, focused entirely on individualized customer care and service that is optimized in every respect. The concept is based on a network of approximately 25 Maybach Centers, with the newly opened Center of Excellence in Sindelfingen as the hub. The responsibility for this unique customer care is entrusted to specially trained Personal Liaison Managers (PLMs), who are not only qualified in technical issues but also very familiar with their customers' lifestyles, thereby ensuring an optimum level of support.

Totally focused on individual customer service, the Maybach sales organization reflects the exceptional position of this luxury automotive brand in the way that it fully meets the requirements of its extremely demanding customers. In keeping with this approach, Maybach sales are handled exclusively by specialized partners within the high-performance network of Maybach Centers. In addition to these centers, customers can rely on specialized Service Centers, where highly qualified staff address all kinds of technical issues.

Exclusive Maybach Centers are located in major cities in Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East - for example, in Paris, London, Rome, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai. In the German capital of Berlin, Daimler-Chrysler has built a new modern Maybach Center on the roof of the Mercedes-Benz "Am Salzufer" showroom. In Munich, too, the automaker is building an exclusive consulting and sales center for customers of this high-end luxury brand.

Support from the Mercedes-Benz network

As was the case during the product development phase, Maybach is also benefiting from the power of the Mercedes-Benz brand when it comes to sales. The global Mercedes-Benz network with its roughly 6,000 partners is, for example, available to any prospective Maybach customer as a contact point. During the sales process, potential customers can rely on the Mercedes-Benz partners to establish contact with the Center of Excellence or a Maybach Center in their region.

In this way, customer inquiries are routed directly to one of the 40 or so Maybach Personal Liaison Managers, who from that point on look after each customer personally. Carefully selected and intensively trained, these consultants support only a limited number of Maybach customers at one time and serve as their personal contact both in matters of sales and service. The PLM can always be contacted by the customer, and his or her telephone number is stored in the phone of Maybach cars.

Center of Excellence: A testimony to the competence of the Maybach brand

Built by DaimlerChrysler at a cost of some 10 million, the new Center of Excellence in Sindelfingen provides optimum conditions for customer consulting as individualized as it is comprehensive. The Center attests to the competence of the high-end luxury brand. As the premier customer and competence center, this 2,200 square-meter facility not only includes the Maybach Studio, where customers can also take possession of their vehicle; it also functions as a control center for all worldwide sales and service activities of the Maybach brand.

Customers who come to the Center of Excellence for consulting services and to select the features of their luxury sedan are received in Sindelfingen or accompanied there by their Personal Liaison Manager. When making their selections concerning the design and equipment of their cars, Maybach customers never need to resort to catalogs or equipment lists. Instead, the desired configuration of their Maybach is developed during an exchange of ideas between the customer and the consultant. Needless to say, other professionals in the Center of Excellence are also available for these discussions, including design specialists and technical experts from the development and production departments.

Initially, the customer can form specific impressions by viewing Maybach showroom models, different versions of which are also on display in the Maybach Centers. Four sedans are on hand for customers to view in the Maybach Studio in Sindelfingen: A Maybach 62 and a Maybach 57 are presented on rotating platforms and another pair of these same models is available for test drives. In addition, original exhibits that range from paint and materials samples to optional equipment and engineering features provide authentic and detailed impressions of just what makes each Maybach a true masterpiece on wheels. The customer can choose from a variety of ornamental woods, different grains of fine leather and other select features that make every Maybach sedan an exquisite customized design.

With its comprehensive choice of the finest materials, exclusive colors and innovative technical details, the Maybach Studio is the visitor's gateway to the world of this unique brand of ultra-luxury sedans.

A new standard of excellence in consulting, using the latest communications technology

 The Center of Excellence and the Maybach Centers fully exploit the opportunities offered by the latest computer and presentation technology.

The Maybach Commissioning Wall is an innovative sales aid developed to guide customers in their choices through a presentation of paint and material samples. It enables customers to experience the standard and optional styling and individual equipment choices in a step-by-step, hands-on process: The customer can not only see but also touch and feel the exhibits and samples. The consultant supplements this look-feel demo with a virtual vehicle presentation. The Maybach Commissioning Wall, with its capability of presenting the full range of standard and optional features, is a unique sales tool that underscores the distinctive nature of the manufacturing approach at the Sindelfingen location, as well as its uncompromising implementation.

DaimlerChrysler is also the first automaker in the world to offer a special service, which is provided to customers who are unable to visit the Center of Excellence in person. The new service allows for direct consultation with experts at the Center of Excellence via videoconference from any Maybach Center. In this method, too, the proximity of the central customer center to the Maybach development department and the adjacent Maybach manufacturing plant is a distinct advantage. The PLM can involve experts from the design and production departments directly in the videoconference to ensure that the customer's personal wishes and ideas with respect to design and equipment are fully considered and met. Video conferencing also provides the opportunity of including shots of Maybach show vehicles from Sindelfingen or the various Maybach Centers. This allows the customer to compare different exterior color combinations or interior designs, for example.

Worldwide first in customer consulting: The mobile car demonstrator

Another unique feature of the Maybach sales concept is the possibility to conduct in-depth sales consulting even outside the Maybach Centers - wherever the customer wishes, in fact. This "unlimited consulting" is made possible by the car demonstrator, the mobile consulting support system for the Personal Liaison Managers. The car demonstrator is an entirely unique visualization tool with a comprehensive digital image and data archive, including the technical and equipment details available in the luxury sedan. The system can present any conceivable color and equipment combination and is equipped with a projector to display the resulting images in magnified form and at ultra-high resolution.

Comprehensive quality assurance and exclusive delivery

Maybach customers can rely on superlative performance in all aspects of service and support. The production phase lasts about four weeks and is concluded with painstaking quality and functional tests in roughly half a day of driving operations to ensure that each of these unique vehicles is in perfect condition. The car is then turned over to the customer at a special location in the Maybach Studio known as the "Magic Point." If the customer cannot personally take possession of the luxury sedan, the event can be transmitted via videoconference, enabling the customer to experience this special moment live. The Magic Point can also be directly viewed from the Maybach Studio.

Should the customer decide to have his or her new Maybach sedan delivered, a DaimlerChrysler logistics partner will transport it to the desired location. Whenever possible, the vehicle will be transported by a special truck, otherwise by air-freight or ocean-shipping container.

Maybach owners can also use the logistics service to have their vehicle sent to one of the 50 or so Service Centers around the world that perform routine maintenance as well as repairs. The owner and the Personal Liaison Manager jointly decide where the vehicle is to be serviced, and in which manner it is to be transported to the Service Center.

Top of the line service

The specialists at the Service Centers maintain close contact with their colleagues at the Maybach manufacturing plant and at the Center of Excellence, who are available to provide technical support via telephone or videoconference. In addition, a team of highly qualified professionals is available every day to address the needs of customers, which is why they have been given the nickname of "The Flying Doctors." In the unlikely event of a technical problem that cannot be resolved locally, these experts will be on hand within a few hours to assure highly professional repairs.

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