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Bentley's History in Le Mans

Bentley in Le Mans

A late May day in 1923 and a 3-litre Bentley leaves London for the coast. On board are two drivers, one mechanic and a few spares. Spool 79 years and one fortnight to an early June day. As you read this another Bentley is on its way to exactly the same place: Le Mans. 




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Volkswagen : Bentley Motors

Reception of Bentley Motors in Crewe, UK

Since 1946, Bentleys have been built at Crewe, evolving constantly. For almost 70 years the company's fate was bound up with that of Rolls-Royce. Then, in 1998, Volkswagen AG bought Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars at Crewe, while Rolls-Royce plc sold its car marque to BMW, which assumed total responsibility for Rolls- Royce Motor Cars in 2003.


Now, in the 21st century, Bentley Motors has embarked on a fresh chapter of unprecedented expansion. Volkswagen AG has undertaken a massive investment programme in Crewe, not only in financial but in intellectual terms, sharing its experience and expertise and accepting those of Bentley in return.

In October 1999 Volkswagen announced, that the company 

  • will invest about £ 500 Mill. within the next 5 years into Rolls-Royce/Bentley facilities and new development projects.

  • It is expected that the focus will be on the development of a small Bentley, which shall enable to enhance current 1,400 units a year to 9,000 cars p.a.


And in 2006, 7 years later it shows, that this strategy worked out

In 2006: Bentley Motors recorded the best year in its 88-year history with production reaching 10,087 cars and global sales estimated to exceed 9,200.

This success is led by the impressive first full-year sales of the Continental Flying Spur, expected to exceed 4,500 deliveries worldwide. This is reinforced by the unprecedented launch of two convertibles in a single year – the Continental GTC and the Azure - each of which is recognised as a leading car in its class.

The North American market bolstered this success with anticipated sales of over 4,000 cars across the U.S., Canada and Mexico, representing over 40 per cent of Bentley’s global sales, and an increase of almost 10 per cent, year-on-year.

Bentley's History

The early
Cricklewood years






photos: Rolls-Royce/ Bentley


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