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Volkswagen Division ("Marke")

Volkswagen Division is with more than 65% of the total sales volume the biggest player within Volkswagen Group. Originally it was launched in 1936 as a company to provide a small but useful car for the German people.


Its origin is clearly Wolfsburg, Germany, a place somewhere between Berlin and Hannover. Wolfsburg is still the biggest location with more than 45,000 employees around. Beside

  • the plant, you will find

  • the F&E, the research and development center and

  • mainly all board staff functions

The headquarter of Volkswagen Division is located here.

Models Plants
  • Lupo
  • 3 liter car
  • Wolfsburg, Germany
  • Golf A4
  • Bora
  • Golf A3
  • Wolfsburg, Germany
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Mosel, Germany
  • Bratislava, Slovacia
  • Uitenhage, South Africa (A3)
  • Emden, Germany
  • Mosel, Germany
  • Puebla, Mexico
  • Wolfsburg, Germany (Polo)
  • Pamplona, Spain (both)
  • Pacheco, Argentina (Classic)

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