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Volkswagen : The new Passat (2001)

The Paris Motor Show 2000

Superb drive technology - five new petrol and diesel engines 

As of the beginning of November, Volkswagen will offer a new generation of the successful Passat model.


all photos: Volkswagen

The Passat, which is positioned in the premium segment of the upper mid-class, has received numerous technical and stylistic modifications. Five of the eight engines in the programme are new. The range of performance of the five petrol engines and the three turbo-diesel direct injection engines extends from 74 kW / 100 bhp to 142 kW / 193 bhp.   

The front and rear ends of the Passat have been completely redesigned. Two independent body levels have been created by the Volkswagen designers in the areas of the radiator and the headlight housing.

The chrome radiator has been pulled way forward to become a defining design element and joins together with the powerful lines of the bumper in the lower area to become one unit.


The form of the radiator is continued further up on the V-formed bonnet. The current model has a more dynamic, but also more elegant appeal. At the sides, the double headlights with optional bi-xenon light integrated in a clear glass housing complete the striking design.   

Head designer Hartmut Warkuß's team also designed the rear end. The rear lights now fill the entire rear wing end. The unmistakable appearance of the vehicle can be recognised even at night due to the two lenses incorporated into each headlight, which are also made of a fully transparent material. Clear and timeless lines also characterise the new boot lid and the rear apron which continues down to the rear wheel housings. Depending on the equipment levels chosen, fine chrome strips running round the vehicle lend the Passat a luxury quality. 

With modifications to the equipment, the Passat, which has also received alterations to the interior, will be available at a lower price than its predecessor. The basic model has, up to now, cost considerably less than DM 40,000, which is less than comparable cars made by competitors in the premium segment.


The Passat, which is available both as a saloon and an estate, was the most successful model in its class in Europe according to the figures for the last complete year. The new generation will continue with this trend. Important components in this success are further improvements to quality, an extremely high safety level, a superior amount of space for its segment and a comprehensive range of engines. The three new petrol engines have an output of 75 kW / 101 bhp, 85 kW / 115 bhp and 125 kW / 170 bhp. The new TDI engines have an output of 74 kW / 100 bhp and 96 kW / 130 bhp.


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