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Volkswagen : New Beetle

The car: Beetle 1998
The new Beetle

The new Beetle was decided in 1994, after the presentation of the Concept 1 study in Detroit in January and the enthusiastic reaction of the market.

In March 1994 the official request was given to the engineers to make the car.

Mid 1995 a prototype and the design were approved by the Volkswagen board.

Project manager new beetle
The Project Manager : Reinhard Szidat (Volkswagen)

The Beetle is now build in Puebla, Mexico and there were considerations to launch  the Beetle in Wolfsburg, Germany, as well, to serve the European markets.

Finally, the car was very successful in the US, but European buyers did nor accept the trendy design to the same extend as the Americans. So, no need to assemble the car in the Wolfsburg plant.

Some key facts:

Development time after design freeze

22 months

Total Investment into the New Beetle

~ DM 1 Bill. ($ 590 Mio.)

Investment into Development Activities

DM 395 Mill. ($220 Mio.)

Investment into Facilities

DM 578 Mill. ( $ 310 Mio. )

Forecasted Units p.a.


Total units per lifetime



6 - 8 years

The New Beetle is part of Volkswagens platform strategy. As part of the A-platform it is interesting to see, how this different car fits into the program.

  • # of parts of the new Beetle  :  900 (BOM positions)

  • # of common parts  :  272 including

    • engine,

    • transmission,

    • underbody (rear and back assy),

    • axles,

    • suspensions,

    • steering,

    • brakes and

    • tube systems.

  • Modifications were made to

    • airfilters,

    • waterpump housing,

    • additional cables and

    • battery console

  • 60% of supplier parts are delivered from within the US

  • 144 New Beetle specific suppliers

  • 64 deliver from Europe,

  • 45 develop in Germany, but deliver from NAFTA

  • 26 all mexican suppliers

Photos: Volkswagen.

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