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Volkswagen Group: Seat, Barcelone, Spain

First established in 1950, SEAT today is a Spanish company fully integrated into the Volkswagen Group.

SEAT in Barcelone, Spain

SEAT currently manufactures eight model types:

  • Alhambra,

  • Arosa,

  • Cordoba,

  • Cordoba Vario,

  • Ibiza,

  • Inca light van,

  • León and

  • Toledo.

SEAT is exporting 65% of its production. The main markets for SEAT are European, although the Spanish brand is present in more than 60 countries, across five continents, with the aim of further expanding its international business.

One of the priorities of the company is investment in research and development with the objective of offering innovative products of the highest quality. In the company's dedicated technical centre 2.000 people work daily in the development of new SEAT models. The SEAT Martorell (Barcelona) plant, opened in 1993 by King Juan Carlos, is one of the most efficient in Europe thanks to its advanced logistical systems and flexibility of production. 1998 saw the best ever daily rate of production achieved as the plant reached a peak of 2.250 vehicles per day with an average of 60 cars per employee per year - one of the highest rates in Europe.

By the end of 1998 SEAT had 14.000 employees and a network of 3.000 dealers throughout the World. In the last year the company produced 500.500 units, sold 432.000 vehicles, achieved a turnover of 827.000 million pesetas and made a profit of 24,462 million pesetas, setting major new financial records.

In December 1998 the commercial launch of the new Toledo began marking a new and important milestone in the company's history. The new car is a symbol and image of the new generation of products, which will identify all the company's models.

SEAT Toledo

In 1999 SEAT launched three new models: the Ibiza and Córdoba, presented at the Barcelona Motor Show, and the León, exhibited for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show. With this model the brand enters the compact vehicle segment, which is Europe’s most competitive market. The SEAT León is also a milestone in the company’s history, for it is the first vehicle of the brand with 4-wheel-drive, 6-gear-gearbox and 180 hp.

SEAT has presented in 1999 also its new corporate identity, which includes change of color, both in the symbol and in the logo type, as well as a new 'S' design, which identifies the brand.

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