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Volkswagen´s transparent factory in Dresden

  • Opening 2002
  • Architect : Henn
  • Product : Volkswagen D1
  • Expected Workforce : 800
  • Daily Deliveries : 150 cars

Volkswagen´s transparent factory model view

The transparent factory for handcrafted cars in Dresden

The plant is getting ready. In late 2001 the facade and the basic buildings inside were already finished.

Volkswagen, Wolfsburg, December 20, 1998. Volkswagen is planning to build an impressive transparent factory for handcrafted cars at the Straßburger Platz location in Dresden. This facility will create some 800 jobs..

Some 150 cars in the luxury segment will be produced per day at the new facility. Plans have been made for the high-quality final assembly of pre-assembled parts.

For example, painted bodies will be delivered to the new facility. The Dresden plant will thus be able to specialize in handcrafting the flagship of the Volkswagen brand.

Volkswagen´s transparent factory model view

... and how it looks like in 2001

The factory has been designed by Volkswagen in collaboration with the internationally renowned architects, Henn. The complex will be light and airy. It will not only contain traditional elements of the buildings constructed around the site at an earlier date, but will also have a futuristic appeal. Both of these aspects will be represented in a glass cylinder, in which the cars made in Dresden will be presented to the world.

Volkswagen also plans to offer its customers a world of experience. For this reason the new transparent production facility will be extended to include a public forum for events and an art gallery. Volkswagen would like to be able to present Dresden as a cultural city to the buyers of high quality cars.

A logistics centre has been planned for the southeast of  Dresden. It will be connected to both the international rail network and the city tram system, which in turn will serve the Straßburger Platz. This will equip the new factory with an ecologically friendly and unproblematic supply line.

A streetcar is loaded with material. 
Because the plant is in the middle of the city, streetcars have to deliver the material to the plant.

Volkswagen could be ready to start construction in February 1999. The first vehicles could leave the transparent factory for handcrafted cars as early as the year 2001.

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