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Geneva Auto Show 2001
Geneva, Switzerland
March 1 -  10, 2001

BMW Group
Summary: The Geneva Motor Show, by tradition the venue of the most out-standing spring debuts in Europe, marks the entry of 
  • the new 3 Series compact 
  • BMW's new 4 cylinder VALVETRONIC engine technology
  • the X5 3.0d boasting a straight-six diesel power unit
  • as a European first the high-performance X5 4.6is and 
  • the new M3 convertible

With a body shortened by 21 cm, or 8.3, versus the saloon, with a special sports tuned suspension, a high level of equipment and the most advanced engine technology in the market, the new 3 Series compact offers sporting performance and practical qualities.

The X5 3.0d developing maximum output of 135 kW/184 bhp and maximum torque of 410 Nm/302 lb-ft from BMWs outstanding DI straight-six combines the many virtues of a sports activity vehicle with the superior economy of a powerful diesel

The 4.6 litres of this V8 power unit available exclusively in the X5 4.6is develop up to 480 Nm or 354 lb-ft maximum torque, accelerating this all-wheel-drive SAV to 100 km/h in approximately 6.5 seconds. Top speed of the X5 4.6is will be in excess of 240 km/h or almost 150 mph.

This open version of the M3 coup successfully introduced only recently, will be entering the market in spring 2001 as an attractive four-seater sports car complete with an electrically operated roof, thus rounding off the M3 line-up

Running on hydrogen, the 12-cylinder power unit of the 750hL develops max-imum output of 150 kW/204 bhp, accelerating the car to 100 km/h in 9.6 seconds and providing a top speed of 226 km/h or 140 mph. The 140-litre cryogenic tank, in turn, gives the fully loaded 7 Series a cruising range of 350 km or approximately 220 miles

  • The new 4 cylinder engine with VALVETRONIC  

VALVETRONIC serves to infinitely adjust intake valve lift, making this four-cylinder the first production petrol engine in the world to do without a throttle butterfly. This, in turn, helps to reduce fuel consumption under normal operating conditions by at least 10 per cent, and naturally reduces exhaust emissions accordingly, regardless of fuel quality.

Interestingly, BMW did not show the X-Coupe. As BMW sources confirmed, the car received an overall negative feed back at Detroit, which might have motivated BMW not to present the car at the show.






















The MINI COOPER is the first all-new product of the MINI brand. The innovative design concept of the MINI COOPER is the same as that of the preceding model, but the new model offers state-of-the-art technology, and is already considered to be one of the most advanced vehicles of its size on the market.


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