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Geneva Auto Show 2001
Geneva, Switzerland
March 1 -  10, 2001

Engineering & Assembly Companies
Summary: Beside the car manufacturers many suppliers are presenting their products as well. Because of the increasing importance of the engineering suppliers and the contract assemblers, we will feature some of them in detail.





The BERTONE-SKF FILO re-invents the architecture of the interior. SKF’s “drive-by-wire” systems have provided BERTONE’s Designers with unprecedented freedom to re-engineer the ergonomics of car driving.



Edag/ Keinath

The new Keinath Coupé "Keinath GT/C“ premieres at the Geneva International Motor Show 2001. A collaboration of Keinath Automobilbau GmbH, famous for its successful Keinath GT/R, with the globally active auto design partner EDAG Engineering + Design AG has brought forth the new Keinath Coupé.



  • Aston Martin design study

Motivated by Aston Martin, Italdesign is to present this new sportcar study

IVM Automotive

IVM Automotive presents a race car based on the C12 concept


Sometimes it is enjoyable to do something unexpected: to dare in other words, hence the choice of the name OSÉE ("daring") for the new Pininfarina research prototype, the first to be conceived on Citroën mechanicals.



  • Rinspeed Advantige Rone

Single seater with an aerodynamic body. The car has a bivalent engine and can use gas and gasoline.


  • The Valmet Hatric

Valmet Automotive presents the Hatric Concept Car, a complete 4-seater. The concept car is based on the Volvo C70 Convertible. Retractable hard tops are becoming more common and car manufacturers are thus increasing their offering of retractable hard top vehicles




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