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Geneva Auto Show 2001
Geneva, Switzerland
March 1 -  10, 2001

MG Rover
Summary: After struggling with the rumors of being bought or looking for a partner, MG Rover will present on the show:
  • the MGX10
  • the MGX20
  • the MGX30 and the 
  • Rover 75 Estate
MG Rover



  • MGX10

X10 is an executive sports saloon with a unique combinaison of poise and aggression. Endowed with 2.5 l. V6 power, delivering around 200 bhp, a bespoke chassis and experience styling, the X10 will appeal to the driver who wants a performance car with assertive characterer.

  • MGX20

X20 brings driving excitement to the heart of the volume car market. The 2.5 l. V6 180 bhp high performance engine and carefully tuned chassis result in a truly invigorating and confidence-inspiring drive.

  • MGX30

X30 is a high performance compact car with unashamedly assertive sports styling and character. Developing 160 bhp from 1.8 VVC engine, its balanced powertrain and chassis have been painstarkingly developed to provide inspiring performance, assured handling and tenacious roadholding.

  • MG ZTT
    (Rover 75 Estate)

An all new lifestyle Estate car range, which complements the award wining Rover 75 saloon. The Rover 75 Estate excels in its comfort, refinement and elegant styling whilst offering all the virtues of estate car versatility.















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