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Geneva Auto Show 2001

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Bertone FILO

The FILO concept uses “drive-by-wire“ technology engineered by SKF, enabling a radical re-evaluation of the man-machine interface and the architectural of a car’s interior. STILE BERTONE has created has created a living space inside a car devoid of the traditional constraints imposed on position and freedom of movement.


Fioravanti VOLA


Fioravanti has made its suggestion by applying a new concept of rotating roof with an innovative and extremely simple solution. While the well-known mechanisms power the roof down into the trunk, “VOLA” is placed on the top of the trunk with obvious advantages both practical and of weight and more room for the luggage. 

Twenty-Twenty by Italdesign Giugiaro and Aston Martin

When they thought of creating a spider, Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro had the inspired idea of bringing in a British firm with a great tradition in that segment. As it turned out Aston Martin were more than willing to join them on their great adventure, supplying the platform and mechanicals Aston Martin derived from a DB7. The mechanicals of the Twenty-Twenty derives from a 12-cylinder, front longitudinal engine, rear drive, 6 speeds, 5935 cc, 500 HP DB7.



Pininfarina Osée


Sometimes it is enjoyable to do something unexpected: to dare in other words, hence the choice of the name Osée for the new Pininfarina research prototype, the first to be conceived on Citroen mechanicals. It is a styling study that develops the theme of the pure mid-engined sports car, a new layout and concept for the French Company but realised with full respect for Citroen’s philosophy and image.

Maserati 320S

The Maserati concept car project, developed by Italdesign Giugiaro with the technical support of Sparco, called 320S represents the expression of different sporting themes. The racing car is intended for Customer Races (of the single-brand type), with respect to which the objective of the 320S is to offer suggestions for the future, while 

Maserati 320 S

at the same time drawing inspiration from the best tradition of Maserati racing cars of the past; the 320S also interprets the theme of the return of Maserati to the United States. Ultimately, the 320S – though in concept-car form – intends to offer a sort of anticipation of the future Maserati Spider, above all visually due to the effect of the open body and the shorter wheelbase than the 3200 GT coupe.

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