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Ferrari : The 360 Modena arrives in the USA

The Ferrari 360 Modena at the New York Giants Stadium

The all new Ferrari 360 Modena arrives in New York
competing with 400 horses
Photo : Ferrari

New York,  - The 360 Modena made its first appearance in the USA today. The new 8-cylinder Ferrari was unveiled at the New York Giants Stadium, an event organized by Ferrari North America. Taking part in the ceremony were the President of Ferrari S.p.A. Luca di Montezemolo, the President of the FNA, Gianluigi Buitoni and the designer of the 360, Sergio Pininfarina.

In front of a crowd of thousands, including customers and enthusiasts, the 360 Modena made its way into the Giants Stadium led by 400 horses, representing the power output of its engine. The horses came from 6 different states, in around 30 transporters.


They were accompanied by 28 stunt men and rodeo specialists who had worked on films like Kevin Costner's "Dances with Wolves" and "Wild Wild West." The event was made possible by the great enthusiasm the Americans have for Ferrari: everyone involved did all they could to help and the use of the Giants Stadium was provided free of charge.

Ferrari 360 Modena, faster than the horses

Presenting the car, President Montezemolo underlined the strategic role of the American market and he expressed satisfaction that Formula 1, a most potent communication method for Ferrari, was soon to return to the USA. The President also pointed out that there are around 10,000 Ferraris on American road, no longer concentrated on the Californian coast, but now well dispersed all over the country thanks to a network of 32 concessionaires. In 1998, Ferrari sold 3,637 cars worldwide, the fifth year in succession that the figure has risen, producing a turnover of around 80 billion lire.

Out of this total, 820 were sold in the States proving that North America is the most important sales area for the marque. For the past 25 years, the greatest number of Ferrari customers has been in the USA. Ferrari produces 12 cylinder models, (456M and 550 Maranello) and 8 cylinder cars, the latter made up to the end of 1998 by the F355 and all its various versions, represents 70% of the total. The arrival in the USA of the 360 Modena is doubly important: the car comes to the States having been widely acclaimed throughout Europe and Asia and meets American demand for an eight cylinder car, which will thus push this sector of the range to a figure greater than 75%.

July 19, 1999

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