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Fiat : Ferrari 456 M GT & GTA

The 456 M in its GT and automatic GTA versions are the evolution of a very popular concept amongst Ferrari clients who want a real Ferrari with the practicality of rear seats for two additional passengers.

It is a further step in the company’s tradition and with its V12 engine, it epitomizes the classic GT Ferrari. Aerodynamics play a large part in the shape of the car and with styling by Pininfarina, the 456M has the classic shape and beauty of a traditional yet modern Ferrari.


456_modena_GT_01-sm.jpg (89217 Byte)
Ferrari 456 M : Side View-
Photos: Ferrari

456_modena_GT_03-sm.jpg (106405 Byte)
Ferrari 456 M : Rear view

456m-interior-sm.jpg (83617 Byte)
Ferrrari 456 M : Interior

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