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Ferrari : Ferrari 360 Spider

The all new Ferrari 360 Spider

The all new Ferrari 360 Spider- Photo : Ferrari

With the introduction of the 360 Spider, Ferrari's range of models on sale around the world becomes a total of four. The new soft-top will go on sale during the summer alongside the 360 Modena that was launched this time last year also at Geneva.

The two 8-cylinder cars join the two 12-cylinder models - the 550 Maranello that marked Ferrari's return to the front-engine, rear-wheel drive set-up for its high performance GTs, and the 456M GT and GTA (the latter the automatic version) which caters for the traditionally popular demand for 2+2s.


The all new Ferrari 360 Spider

The 360 Spider marks new heights of technical excellence for Ferrari's convertible models, and sets standards that have never been achieved by similar models from any other manufacturer.

The all-aluminium chassis features for the 360 Spider’s structural sections are in extruded aluminium with cast nodes which are made in the same foundry as the alloy components for Ferrari's F1 cars. The chassis boasts the highest torsional and flexional rigidity figures in the world - 850 DAN in/deg. and 420 DAN/mm respectively.

This gives the 360 Spider exactly the same performance (road holding, driveability, acceleration and top speed) as the 360 Modena berlinetta. This is in part due to the car's highly efficient aerodynamics, with its completely flat underbody and two rear Venturis. The Spider is very efficient with its Cd only marginally higher at 0.36 compared to the Coupé's 0.33.

Class-leading performance capabilities are equalled by the Spider's comfort levels and ease of use, especially with the F1 transmission version where the gearbox's steering wheel-mounted paddle change makes even driving in traffic at slow speed a most pleasant task.

The 360 Spider's hood is available in four colours and its seven hydraulic actuators fold it automatically beneath the rear cover. This flush-fitting system ensures optimum aerodynamics even when driving with the top down. The hood takes exactly the same time - 28 seconds - to open and close. The rear roll bars feature a mesh screen which prevents wind buffeting. Passive safety is further heightened by a reinforced windscreen surround which can take the full weight of the car in the event of a roll.

The 360 Spider's running gear is identical to that of the berlinetta and the competition version used in the Ferrari Challenge; with V8 engine of 3569, it produces 400 bhp at 8500 rpm and maximum torque of 38 kgm at 4750 rpm.

Four overhead camshafts operate five valves per cylinder with variable timing. There are variable-length inlet tracts.

Ferrari 360 Powertrain

The longitudinally-mounted six-speed gearbox is available in two versions, one with the standard manual change and the other is the electro-hydraulic operated F1-type system.

Acceleration for the Ferrari 360 Modena Spider: 0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds; 0-400 m in 12.7 seconds. Top speed is within a whisper of 300 km/h.

With the 360 Spider, Ferrari introduces the 20th cabriolet in its history and creates a new technological record.

March 2004

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