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BMW 645 Ci Coupé: Revival of a Myth

Concentrate on what you know better than others, is BMW's mission for introducing the new 6 series coupé, reviving the myth of CSI. And in the combination of authentic premium products with high customer service the Bavarian manufacturer sees its market success guaranteed. Part of this product philosophy will be the extraordinary new member of the BMW family, the BMW 645 Ci.

BMW 645 Ci
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Passion, elegance, power and performance -these are BMW's attributes to describe the myth of the new 645 Ci coupé. Despite its sporting performance and dynamic character, this thoroughbred coupé ensures driving comfort of the highest calibre: A fully-fledged 2+2-coupé, the 645Ci offers all four passengers maximum seating comfort for a coupé, luxury features all round, and an ambience of sheer elegance.

With its 8-cylinder power unit interacting with the outstanding chassis and suspension, innovative active steering and the most advanced driver assistance systems such as Dynamic Drive stability control or the DSC driving stability program the new 645Ci guarantees driving pleasure at its best.

BMW 645 Ci BMW 645 Ci
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Following the design language of a classic coupé, the engine compartment lid stretches out in a long, sleek line merging into the shorter, low-slung roof line of the passenger cell positioned further back towards the rear end of the car. The tail of the 6 Series coupé with its integrated spoiler, shows clearly BMW's design language. The luggage capacity of 450 litres taking up a complete set of one large, one medium-sized and one small hard-shell suitcase or one large suitcase and two 46-inch golf bags

"Dynamic harmony" is the philosophy underlying the interior of the new 6 Series coupé. Sophisticated, perfectly finished materials such as leather, wood and metal, as well as a sensitive combination of carefully matched colours, create an ambience of sheer luxury inside the passenger compartment, without in any way neglecting the need for superior function.



In typical BMW style, the cockpit is oriented towards the driver: All functions important to the driver are arranged ergonomically on or around the steering wheel. Nearly all other functions relevant to both the driver and front passenger are grouped together in the area of the centre console. With only a handful of visible switches and controls, the interior appears very calm and well-arranged mainly thanks to the Controller serving as a central control system to activate and mastermind nearly all comfort functions within the 6 Series via the Control Display extending out of the height-adjustable armrest giving the user steady support at all times in the interest of greater comfort and control ease.

But its not only the outstanding design of the 645Ci coupe which is impressing. The V8 power unit stands for dynamic driving pleasure beyond all doubts.

The sensational 4.4-litre eight-cylinder has a maximum output of 245 kW/333 bhp and maximum torque of 450 Newton-metres/332 lb-ft raising the 645Ci beyond any discussion on performance and motoring refinement.

Infinite adjustment of virtually all relevant parameters such as valve timing (bi-VANOS), valve lift (VALVETRONIC) and even intake manifold length enables the eight-cylinder to adjust perfectly to every situation.

Featuring a six-speed manual gearbox as standard equipment or optional six-speed SMG transmission allowing the driver, like in Formula 1, to shift gears by means of paddles on the steering wheel or by the gearshift lever without using a clutch pedal, the BMW 645Ci offers a level of performance on the road only a few thoroughbred sports cars are able to match: Top speed is 250 km/h or 155 mph (limited electronically), acceleration from 0-100 km/h is in 5.6 seconds.

Performance beyond any doubt is one thing, the way this supreme power is conveyed to the road is another. And to ensure perfect transmission of power to the road beneath, the new 6 Series comes with an all-aluminium chassis and suspension tailored perfectly to the sporting character of the car. Hydraulic rack-and-pinion steering with Servotronic ensures the high standard of directional accuracy and precise feedback from the steering so essential on a coupé of this calibre, Servotronic varying the degree of steering assistance by means of a control curve geared to road speed.

 BMW 645 Ci
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Active Steering for even better handling

Only active control systems are able to further enhance the safe and comfortable driving pleasure the BMW 6 Series offers from the start as a regular feature. Fitted with Active Steering available as an option, the 645Ci responds even more directly and, as a result, with a far higher standard of agility and precision to the driver's steering commands. In town Active Steering is particularly convenient in parking manoeuvres, the wheels turning from one lock to the other with less than two turns of the steering wheel. At high speeds, on the other hand, the more indirect transmission ratio ensures superior, smooth and relaxed motoring of the highest standard.

Most advanced control systems assisting the excellent chassis and suspension

Equipped with BMW's most advanced and sophisticated chassis control systems, the new BMW coupé offers the driver all of BMW's major chassis assistance functions, improving the truly outstanding chassis and suspension of the 645Ci to an even higher standard. The first example is DSC Dynamic Stability Control interacting with ABS anti-lock brakes and CBC Cornering Brake Control slowing down individual wheels as required on slippery surfaces in order to prevent the car from swerving out of control. Then there is the "intelligent" Dynamic Drive chassis control system almost completely eliminating any sway or roll of the body even in fast bends.

Consistent lightweight technology for an even higher standard of dynamic performance

Lightweight technology and engineering applied consistently in BMW's large coupé makes a significant contribution to the car's excellent driving comfort combined with thrilling dynamism. Particular highlights of this lightweight technology are the innovative aluminium/steel structure of the car's body, the Weight-Reduced Aluminium Front (WRAF) much lighter than steel, the rear lid made of SMC sheet moulding compound composite glass fibre, the side panels made of thermoplastics at the front, as well as the front lid and doors made of aluminium, together with a wide range of other detailed improvements serving to reduce weight, all of which make the new BMW 645Ci a very light car for a vehicle of this size and calibre, weighing in at just 1,615 kg or 3,560 lb, with axle load distribution of almost 50:50 typical of BMW.

Adaptive Headlights for even greater safety

Adaptive Headlights available as an option significantly improve the very good bi-xenon headlights featured as standard on the 645Ci from the start. Swivelling as required, these headlights follow the course of the road and therefore illuminate both the road ahead and the surroundings up to 90 per cent clearer and more brightly than conventional headlights.

Head-Up Display giving the driver the most important information directly in his line of vision

BMW's innovative Head-Up Display projects important information relevant to the driver directly into his line of vision while on the road. Inter alia, this includes the current speed of the car, navigation instructions, speed limit data, and information from the Check/Control. The virtual picture generated in this way appears in front of the driver on the road ahead, ensuring even safer motoring free of fatigue, also because the driver is no longer required to take his eyes off the road at any time.

Innovative voice entry system - the 6 Series follows all your commands.

Like the Head-Up Display, the innovate voice entry system featured in the 645Ci upgrades BMW's iDrive control philosophy in the interest of even greater motoring comfort and safety. Voice entry comes in conjunction with the Professional navigation system available as an option and the CCC Car Communication Computer. The key feature of the voice entry system is the option to activate all essential iDrive comfort functions by voice entry while driving, that is without taking your eyes off the traffic around you. In practice, this means you are able to activate nearly all display functions by way of a simple and straightforward voice command. And since the system does not depend on a specific voice or tone, there is no need for the driver to train or adjust his voice for the voice entry mode.

The price of the BMW 645 Ci starts at 72.000 Euro (in Germany).

 Photos: Automotive Intelligence/BMW AG


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