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BMW AG, Munich, Germany

BMW Group activities:

In 1994 BMW bought Rover, which nearly doubled BMWs deliveries at that time. Mid 2000 Rover Cars and Land Rover were sold. Rover Cars, called MG Rover afterwards, was sold to the Phoenix Group by March 1, 2000 and Land Rover was sold to Ford by June 30, 2000.

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Finally the Rover Brand was sold to the Chinese Nanjing Automobile Group in 2005.

Headquarter of BMW in Munich, Germany

BMWs Headquarter in Munich, Germany
Source : BMW

BMW Deliveries 1998 - 2006, incl. BMW, (Rover), MINI & Rolls Royce, lower red line is US sales

source: BMW Annual Reports


2006: The BMW Group continued its successful course in 2006 with record figures for sales volume and revenues. Compared to the previous year, group revenues increased by 5.0% to euro 48,999 million (2005: euro 46,656 million).

Revenues generated by the Automobiles segment went up by 4.2% to euro 47,767 million (2005: euro 45,861 million).

The Motorcycles segment generated revenues of euro 1,265 million (2005: euro 1,223 million/+3.4%), whilst revenues from financial services rose by 17.8% to euro 11,079 million (2005: euro 9.408 million).

The total number of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand vehicles delivered to customers increased by 3.5% to 1,373,970 units (2005: 1,327,992 units).

BMW Product Split 2006


In 2005 the BMW Group continued to perform successfully and was able to achieve the targets communicated since the beginning of the year. As a result of the significant sales volume increase and on-going efficiency improvement measures, the negative impact of adverse currency effects and high raw material prices was almost completely offset by the year-end. The profit before tax for 2005, at euro 3,287 million, was, as predicted, approximately at the same high level as in the previous year (2004: euro 3,583 million/-8.3%).

During the past year, the BMW Group has once again been able to prove its inherent strength, despite the difficult conditions facing the worldwide automobile industry and a fair value loss recognized on the exchangeable bond option on the shares of Rolls Royce plc, London held by the BMW Group. The increase in the share price of the engine manufacturer resulted in a non-cash expense of euro 356 million being recorded in 2005. The profit before financial result and taxes (EBIT) increased by 0.5% to a new record level of euro 3,793 (2004: euro 3,774 million).

In the aircraft engines business BMW was in a joint venture with Rolls-Royce. This relation supported BMW to acquire the rights for using the brand name of Rolls Royce from 2003 on, for which BMW paid 40 Mill. In the beginning of 2000 the aircraft engine division was sold.

Rolls-Royce Project: New Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Plant and Head Office project ready for planning application.

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