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The all new X5 will be introduced in late 1999.

The car is based on the 5-series and was intended to  be produced sharing some components with Land Rover, Rover's 4x4 automaker.



In the meantime it is a 100% BMW car.
Preliminary specification highlights:

  • a self-tuning 290-hp, 4.4 liter V-8

  • VANOS steplessly variable valve timing

  • 5-speed automatic transmission with Adaptive

  • Transmission Control

  • full-time all-wheel drive

  • Dynamic Stability Control

  • All Season Traction

  • four-wheel ventilated, fade-resistant anti-lock brakes

  • Dynamic Brake Control

  • advanced independent suspension.

Design and Interior

On the one hand, it is a muscular complete picture that leaves no doubt as to its power and energy. On the other hand, at first glance it is clear that this car is geared to meet the very highest of demands. This can be seen in the design, too. Because it is through proportions, style and details that it radiates an elegance that has up to now been unknown.

And the interior? The X5 goes its own way here, too. Its original concept - from the layout of the cockpit to the quality of materials used, through to the color schemes of the interior trim - the highest of standards are met. This car is not just active. It moves

.BMW X5   Photo: BMW


The state-of-the-art 4.4 liter eight-cylinder engine, for example, accelerates the X5 from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 8 seconds. Just in case you might want to. Both our largest straight six cylinders will follow: One as a diesel direct injector and one as a gasoline engine.

This concentration of power is transferred to the street by a chassis with the utmost in modern control systems such as the Dynamic Stability Control DSC. The high-performance brake system brings it to a halt with just as much feeling as does when it accelerates.

Drive and Feel

The combination of many components is what makes the BMW X5 unique, the supreme pleasure of driving is expressed by more than simply the high driving position.

For whether it's an urban jungle or endless horizon: If you want to keep things in perspective, you have to possess many qualities. That's why we designed the X5 so that you can rely on it in any situation.

In a quick sprint or a nice relaxed flow. You will enjoy perspectives that you never new existed, a new feeling for space and a unique driving experience. There may be vehicles that have a similar format to the X5 at first glance. But not in this class. So it is not surprising that the X5's standard of safety is exemplary. From the intelligent all-wheel system DSC to the totally new Hill Descent Control system to 10 airbags - the X5 opens up a whole new chapter in this regard, too. Because with every conceptional innovation, the X5 makes one thing clear in every respect: It is an authentic BMW.

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Photos: BMW AG


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