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Volkswagen : Bugatti

The Bugatti EB 218 - A new source of fascination in the top luxury class

Volkswagen Bugati EB 218

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Volkswagen Group: The Bugatti EB 218

With the Bugatti EB 218, the Volkswagen Group is presenting a new and fascinating vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show 1999 - a vehicle which will set new technical and aesthetic standards. The EB 218 follows on from the design and technical standards of the EB 118 study, which was shown at the Paris Motor Show 1998. The EB118 was produced by Giorgetto Giugiaro / ItalDesign under contract from Volkswagen and has been further developed to make this unmistakable four door saloon.

The harmonious lines of the body are continued in the comfortable and elegant interior.

The instruments are oval in shape and the instrument panel is framed in the finest leather. The interior is further enhanced through the use of light walnut. The special silk-finish leather is in "biscuit" colour.

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The past is the basis for the EB 218. It has the style of a modern car, but the form recalls important design elements of classic Bugatti models, whilst retaining its own character. The result is a uniquely aesthetic body shape with well-balanced proportions. Its characteristics are power and elegance.

The model name Bugatti EB 218 refers to the 18-cylinder engine, the first of its kind to be used in a passenger vehicle. This engine, which was developed at Volkswagen, has three rows of 6-cylinder banks which are joined in a "W" form. With a capacity of 6.3 litres, the direct injection engine has an output of 408 kW / 555 bhp at 6,800 rpm and a maximum torque of 650 Newton metres (Nm) at 4,000 rpm.

Aluminium space-frame technology has been used for the production of the body. The exterior aluminium cladding is finished in pearlescent "Blu Notte Perlato".

Permanent four-wheel drive and an aluminium multi-link suspension lend the Bugatti EB 218 impressive driving dynamics and excellent traction. The powerful and sporty appearance of the vehicle is underlined by the wide track and the long wheelbase with short body overhang. The Bugatti design can also be seen in the harmonious wheels made from shining magnesium. The Bugatti emblem EB is on the central lock. The vehicle is fitted with eye-catching 285/50 R 18 tyres.

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